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Jelly Bean update for the Skyrocket


Jelly Bean update for the Skyrocket

We've been hearing and reading about jelly bean for months now, really want to know when will we skyrocket users receive it? We have already been screwed over with the ICS (total crap BTW), it's time for some real answers! The "We don't know", and the "Keep checking" is so worn out!! If you really appreciated our business, you should have some answers, mean some real answers!!

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Re: Jelly Bean update for the Skyrocket

in the above link- LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean is rolling out. LG traditionally isn't too good with software updates, but the L9 has received Jelly Bean now within six months of the device's launch.
But what the Samsung doing its really disgusting, and US career are more slow and inactive in update matter. Even they use their crap bloatware and so on. may be it'll take more 2 months, as the USA career are so inactive
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