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Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!


Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

At&t has the jellybean update for the GS3 via Samsung Kies, I'm have no luck downloading it to my phone Samsung support syas try another computer would if I had one, will a AT&T store download it for me and put on my phone? 

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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

I dont know about that...whats wrong on your computer?
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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

Kies just opens up to a blank screen just the circular download icon spinning, went theu several sernerios with them and nothing but blank screen, cant even get USB to come on phone when I plug it in

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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

uninstall KIES, update your java, then reinstall KIES. KIES is a bit flakey and if you java is behind, it will have issues. i discovered this when installing KIES and it hanged on the install.
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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

Check this thread it worked for me, also try to reinstall the samsung drivers first then follow the link below.


Good luck, I took me a couple of time for my PC to get going, I don't know if the samsung driver gets corrupt, but after the second reinstall the USB work ok.....

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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

A warranty device center told me today they would update the phone. They suggested I wait two weeks for all of the bugs to be worked out. I'm confused why AT&T would not offer an OTA update?

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Re: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 ..........HELP!!!!

I assume you have kies installed on your computer? if so and everything is up to date try this.. RIGHT CLICK KIES, THEN RUN AS ADMIN,,


that should possibly work!  java and drivers should be updated! hope that works for you!


i had same problem


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