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Jell Bean Update But not for S II

Jell Bean Update But not for S II

Again At&T and Samsung take care of people with the New phones First with software Update.  Why do we stay with them???

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Re: Jell Bean Update But not for S II

Because it's the same no matter the carrier. Just remember this when you purchase a new phone. The new rule of thumb is to walk away when the salesperson says it will be upgraded soon. Only buy a phone if you like the current software and nothing else, I had the Skyrocket, waited forever for a ICS upgrade. Then when I switched to the GS3, I made sure I was happy with ICS. I laughed out loud when the sales guy said ..."it will be upgraded to jelly bean", I told him ICS was fine and he could keep jelly bean. The difference in ICS and Jelly bean is not much really, it's just a bunch of hype. I liked my skyrocket on ICS.

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