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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

Very excited that we have it now.  However, the main bug I'm finding is that I get no text message notifications.  Not in the lock screen, not in the notification tray.  The only way to see is to constantly check my SMS inbox constantly.  I've tried updated the phone 2 different times.  I finally reset the device completely but to no avail.  Anyone else having this or other issues?


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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

@turpinator wrote:
Maybe try clearing cache by holding volume up volume down and power buttons at startup until a menu pop up. Use volume down to select clean/ clear cache and power button to confirm.

Just did this and seem to have picked up some speed. Hopefully will help with battery life as well.

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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

Yeah.. as soon as I figure out how to take a screenshot I'll post an image of what I see when I look at my recent apps list by pressing and holding the home button.

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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

So when I press and hold the home button, I get my list of recently used apps.  And this is a screenshot of what I see.


There are three buttons.  I think this is specific to Samsung devices:

  • The pie chart button pulls up the task manager, where you can see what's running, memory consumption, etc.
  • The g button pulls up Google Now, aka the Google Search app.
  • The trashcan button clears all recent apps from list, and kills running foreground apps.  This is probably akin to the many task killers that you can get from the Play Store, and I think technically in Android you shouldn't do this, but it's there.


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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

Thank you. I now see the three buttons. It's very helpful and easy to use.
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Re: Issues with Samsung Galaxy S2 since Jelly Bean update

I just wanted to post a positive review of the upgrade to Jelly Bean on the AT&T Galaxy S2.  After reading posts on this and other forums, I was afraid to upgrade from my stock Gingerbread 2.3.6, which had been working perfectly for a long time.  I'm pleased to say that, at least in my case, there was nothing to worry about.


I had done some research and found instructions to do a full factory-restore with the stock Gingerbread, if needed.  I also ran a backup with Kies before upgrading.  The upgrade succeeded on the first try.  I was actually somewhat amazed at how smoothly all my settings were transitioned, and at how my previously installed apps. worked as well, if not better, in most cases.  (Mail and text notifications still worked fine, contrary to other people's experiences.)  Here are the few issues I had to address to complete the upgrade:


1)  I had to change the Outgoing mail server in E-mail to smtp.mail.yahoo.com (for AT&T e-mail).  For some reason, the previous server address no longer worked.


2)  I knew that Jelly Bean would not include Adobe Flash Player.  I ended up having to uninstall the existing app, then install the latest, un-official apk of Adobe Flash which I found simply by searching for "jelly bean flash download."  Using my previously installed Dolphin HD 9.3.1 browser, set to Desktop mode with the Toggle add-on, Flash content seems to work perfectly.


3)  Regarding the battery drain issues that people have been reporting, I wanted to make sure that I had quick access to Task Manager.  One complaint I have about Jelly Bean is the lack of ability to create shortcuts to Task Manager and specific settings menus.  A little research suggested an app called Galaxy S3 Task Manager, which simply gives you a shortcut to Task Manager, to let you easily kill running apps.  It works fine on the S2 with Jelly Bean.  I can only imagine that the battery drain issues that people are reporting with Jelly Bean are due to more, processor and network-intensive tasks running as a result of a more functional OS.  Google Now is Off by default.  Also, I am not using a graphically-intensive "live" wallpaper.  So far, my battery usage seems about the same as with Gingerbread.  My concusion is that battery drain can be managed with Jelly Bean.


I have not had issues with slow performance, or an inability to read my external SD card (though the mount path does seem to have changed, and I have to access it differently in ES File Explorer).  All-in-all, I'm glad that I upgraded to Jelly Bean.  It's not a jaw-dropping change from Gingerbread (which made the transition easier), but it seems like things generally work a little better and, of course, there are snazzy new features.  I'm looking forward to trying Google Now; the voice interface with the updated Google Search capability seems just as good as what you see on the iPhone commercials.


I recommend you do a little research, make a backup with Kies, and give the Jelly Bean upgrade a try.  I commend Samsung and AT&T on a job well done.  I'll be less afraid to upgrade my Android in the future.

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