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Issues With My Relatively New Samsung Galaxy Mega


Issues With My Relatively New Samsung Galaxy Mega

I have a few issues with my new phone:

1. Internet connectivity: my e-mail isn't syncing, and I'm having trouble accessing higher volume sites (like Facebook).


2. The home screen changed to a bizarre color scheme. How do I change it to something normal?


3. How do I access my alarms from the Normal Home Screen?


I have a Samsung-SGH-I527. Android Version 4.2.2.

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Re: Issues With My Relatively New Samsung Galaxy Mega

Have you tried a factory reset? How long have you had your mega? When did this start?
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Re: Issues With My Relatively New Samsung Galaxy Mega

I would do a factory reset especially if your mega is brand new. Point in case. My mega didn't have any issues from get go to this very day.  I turned my mega on and synced everything from facebook to email addresses without a hitch.  So if you're experiencing problems with your new phone then it is not that you can not sync it, there is a defect in the start-up functionality of your phone.  I do suggest downloading an anitvirus program on your phone as well. Your mega isn't just a phone but a mini tablet with all the functionality of a tablet, including getting a virus.  Protecting your phone from virus's is just as important as protecting your laptop and tablets.  I even have an iPad and I have a virus protection program on it as well. You can never be to safe especially when you put your personal inforamtion on your phone and/or tablets. Hope this helps, if not perhaps you need to contact customer service and request a replacement phone (if you have insurance that is). Hope this helped.  B

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Re: Issues With My Relatively New Samsung Galaxy Mega

Ditto on the factory reset.
However, toggling airplane mode on the off will often clear synch issues.
I'm pretty meh on the need for an anti-virus app for android....there's just not much of a threat for a linux based OS st this time. If you feel like you need to run one, pick one with small cpu and ram footprint....something like Malwarebytes for Android.
Good luck.
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