Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update


Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

My HTC Inspire keeps rebooting after I did the At&T upgrade today.  I basically can't do anything on my phone without it rebooting.  Help!

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Re: Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

Had exactly the same problem, but then it just kind of stopped doing the auto reboot (at least for now).  I deleted some apps I thought might be causing the problem and cleared out some cache, etc.  Phone also seemed sluggish and buggy after I first updated, but seems much better now.  Let us know if you resolved your problem.


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Re: Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

I got the rebooting to stop.  I decided to wipe my SD card clean just for kicks and start over fresh.  I suspect I may have had an app on there that was causing some of the trouble.  I had to reformat it on my PC since the phone would reboot the second I tried to do anything on it.  Put the card back in and haven't had any troubles since.  I've been very selective on which apps I reinstalled as well. 

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Re: Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

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Hello, I got an email from ATT that stated an update was available and highly recommended for my HTC inspire, I did update and voila, my phone began acting crazy, freezing and kept on turning it self ON and OFF all night long, I got frustrated so I decided to call our friends at ATT, to my surprisse they wanted to help me right away, but the Techspecialist wanted me to do a reset as new, therefore I was gonna loose all my info, I decided to do it later, I needed to save as much info I could from my phone. My phone would stay on for about a minute, then will shut OFF and ON again

My phone is working excellent right now and it was a simple fix, These are the steps...

1- Unmount your SD card, 2- Turn off your phone, 3-Remove SD card, 4- Replace it with a new one, 5- Turn on your phone and all should be working very good. 

Note, all your app that were on your phone will be there, including your text messages record if any and all your contact information, if you have apps that you want to keep, try to transfer them to the phone before you do this, love this new update.

I hope this help.

The reason I replace it with a new one is so that I can play with my phone later using my original SD card and try to figure out what the problem may have been, besides I kept all my app in the SD card.

Running android V. 2.3.5

HTC Sense V.3.0

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Re: Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

After this update, my phoOSne is one step from COMPLETELY UNUSABLE.  It freezes up during phone calls, freezes while typing text messages, freezes while going from screen to screen, freezes when starting an app (game, camera, map, doesn't matter).  I have NEVER had problems with this phone until that update.  This is absolute garbage.  I have had it for over one year, and because ATT broke their promise about putting ICS on the phone, I see no reason why I shouldn't root the phone.  This update is GARBAGE and has taken a very decent phone and made it a paper weight.  I have rebooted more in the last week than I have in the last year. 

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Re: Inspire keeps rebooting after At&T update

Root time for me too. What's with the stupid rings? 


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