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IMEI to Unlock


IMEI to Unlock

Purchased a S4 from a guy and went to my AT&T store and got sim changed from my old phone to the S4 as it had to have a smaller sim.  But they say it can not be unlocked because last owner is still on contract to it, even though he got a differnt phone now a Nexus 5.  Do not understand why they will not unlock it for Me.  Not that his account if not still with AT&T.

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Re: IMEI to Unlock

Hi tailgunner9,


Per AT&T's unlocking guidelines, the IMEI is tied to the contract of the person who bought it in the first place. So the guy you boguth it from, if he was still in contract would have to submit for the unlock on the device. Generally speaking the phone must be out of contract from the orginial line, bought at full retail price (with a reciept) or if the account was canceled, the bill has been paid in full with all possible ETF's paid for.


Contact the person you bought the device from to have the unlock process started.

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Re: IMEI to Unlock

Buyer says it is still under contract even though he does not have it anymore.  Crazy rule by carrier.  He has Nexus 5 now he said with AT&T. So guess I am just STUCK and can not Unlock.

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