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I want to forget attwifi


I want to forget attwifi

I am using brand new LG Optimus G AT&T. I don't have contract with AT&T at all ($550). I could legally unlock the phone and use the phone on T-mobile.


The phone connects to attwifi hotspot and I cannot remove it. I cannot forget the network. Because of that I continuously connect to unussable network. I can turn off wifi. Right. I can turn it off. But what if I want to use Wifi. Let's say there are wifi AP that I want to connect to and attwifi nearby. It often connects to attwifi.


I would be upset even if I could use attwifi because it will require password and disconnects all data communication before putting the password. It's okay only if I want to connect to attwifi. Why can't I opt out? Why it's unforgottable? Evil evil evil.


And there's a serious security problem, too. If some sneaky guys make AP named attwifi, the device will also connect to the network, even if I don't want attwifi at all.


I don't know who made this decision, but definitely it's a very evil decision.


I used to be AT&T prepaid user in the past. I don't use AT&T becasue I couldn't print out the previous recipt. For prepaid, it wasn't possible. And it disconnected my SIM card becasue I wasn't using it for months while staying outside of US. (was less than 6 month)


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Re: I want to forget attwifi

Have you looked into disabling the ATT WiFi app on the device? This app prioritizes ATT hotspots and automatically connects to them when in range. 

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Re: I want to forget attwifi

there is a checkbox to disable auto connect to att hotspots in wifi settings i think
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Re: I want to forget attwifi

Thank you! It's unforgettable, but I could check it off not to stick to attwifi. Smiley Happy

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