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I may have been sold a defective unit..


I may have been sold a defective unit..

Hi, I just upgraded to a HTC One X this Tuesday. However, I noticed that the home button does not light up so my friend and I asked if the Home button lights up and we were told "no, the home button does not light up." when the worker was showing me how to work the phone. I didn't think much of it at first but I saw a review on youtube when I got home and to my surprise the Home button clearly is supposed to light up! Will my problem be a valid reason to exchange the product? Will I even be able to exchange it without the workers pretending like they don't know about it? Will they just claim that I broke it on my own time? Anyhow, I plan on visiting the at&t store tomorrow to see what they can do about it. But any feedback will be greatly appreciated in regards to what I can do. Thanks

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: I may have been sold a defective unit..

The backlight on the capacitive buttons are only supposed to light up under lower light conditions.  If you are in a darker environment, and the screen is on (and lockscreen unlocked), they should light up.  If you are in a brighter environment, they are not supposed to be lit.  Try using the phone in a dark room, and see if they light up.  Also, I believe the light sensor is on the top part of the glass, to the left of the printed "AT&T" logo.  Try covering up the top part of the phone with your hand (screen on and unlocked) and the buttons should light up.  Be aware, it appears the buttons will not light up if you are still on the lockscreen.


I have noticed the button backlight is a little inconsistant.  I have used the phone where it was too dark to see the printed symbols on the buttons, but the backlight did not come on.  Other times, I'll be in a much brighter room, and the buttons are lt.  But if you try covering the light sensor with your hand, and they buttons don't light, pretty sure you have a defective unit.  You are entitled to return it.  Unless the phone has some obvious signs of physicaly damage, they have no grounds to refuse you.  AT&T's terms entitle you to exchange a defective phone in-store for a new one within 30 days of purchase.  Your phone is warrantied for one year after purchase.  But after the first 30 days, you have to send your phone in for warranty service, and they may fix your phone and send it back, or give you a refurbished one.


You can also compare it to a working display model at the store (if they dont' display non-working dummy units), or ask them to take one out of the box and compare.  If they behave differently, then you obviously have a defective unit.

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Re: I may have been sold a defective unit..

Thanks for the reply
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