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Having problems assigning a ringtone


Having problems assigning a ringtone

I have the Inspire 4G.  I am trying to set my ringtone by going to Personalize > Ringtone.  It is currently set at a default ringtone of "QuietlyBrilliant".  When I try to reset it to my desired ringtone and hit "Apply" it still stays at the default ringtone.  I even went in under my Music (that is where my desired ringtone is) and tried setting it from there, but the ringtone still stays at the "QuietlyBrilliant" default.  Any ideas on how to fix this? 


For the record, I am able to assign my contacts a specific ringtone with no problem.  I just want my phone's general ringtone to be something other than "QuietlyBrilliant".



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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

If you made the ring tone, its possible you are over the time or file size that the phone will let be set, that is why it is staying at the last tone picked. "If" I remember correctly, the file size is 256kb and the time is 15 seconds, neither one can not be gone over in size or time.
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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

Thanks MrSteve, however, I actually had my ringtone set before.  For some reason it defaulted on its own to the QuietlyBrilliant tone.  Also, I am not able to set ANY ringtone from the phone's ringtone list now. I can go down the list of the phone's ringtones and apply each one and none of them will set; it stays on QuietlyBrilliant.  I've had my phone for about two weeks now and like I said, I had my preferred ringtone set; it's just now that I noticed that it defaulted to the other one and won't let me change it.

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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

Gotta, lost on how to help. Maybe try a reset, keep the phone on, then remove the battery, re-install the battery and start the phone back up.
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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

Are you saying even the stock included ringtones are not working either?

For custom ringtones you should have the files saved in the following folder structure. It is the default folder structure that the Android OS prefers to find the location of the ringtones.

Sdcard drive :\ media \ audio \ ringtones
Sdcard drive :\ media \ audio \ notifications
Sdcard drive :\ media \ audio \ alarms
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

@Ann154 - correct, the stock ringtones would not work either; it just seemed stuck on QuietlyBrilliant, even when I had another ringtone chosen (indicated by the green dot) and hit apply.


@MrSteve - Thank you for your tip, it worked!  I guess it just had a little glitch and stuck on QuietlyBrilliant.  Your suggestion fixed it and my chosen ringtone showed up as the ringtone I wanted.


It also cleared another little problem I had, but I wasn't too worried about it.  When I first got my phone I Bluetoothed something from my old phone to my Inspire.  On the drop-down Notifications I got the prompt telling me about the incoming file and if I wanted to 'Accept' or 'Decline', which of course I accepted.  But even after I got my file the notification prompt never went away, nor did the Bluetooth icon on the top, even after I hit 'Clear' in the drop-down and even after I turned off Bluetooth and unpaired the devices.

The battery trick took care of that.


Thanks again Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Having problems assigning a ringtone

Happy I could help.
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