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Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?

Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?

I currently nhave a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Since Day 1 I've had battery problems in a 4G area. I only hit 4G when I travel 25 miles or so from home. Here we only have Edge which is essentially no data at all.


At home, with Wifi, I'll have the phone all day and recharge when I go to bed. If I forget to recharge, I get up with 10%. The trouble starts when I get into a 4G area. I can get up at 7 am with 100% charge. By 9 am I'm 80% and the battery is dead by noon. If I plug it into a car charger it will not keep up. It lasts longer but it'll be dead by 2 pm. So, I have six batteries and 4 plug in battery chargers I carry with me.


This is with No sync, screen dim, no email, no talking, no nothing!  Others can disable 4G but my phone can't.


I'm sure there will never be any kind of fix for this. My big question is this: Is the Samsung S4 any better? The AT&T store told me my S2 had 36 hours of standby and 20 hours of talk time on a charge. I'm assuming he meant 3.6 hours vs 26.


My contract's not up so I'm going to pay a lot to get another phone. AT&T's the only company with service here and my wife won't give up her iPhone so I'm stuck with AT&T. I'm just getting tired of having a pocket full of batteries every time I go out.


Any advice?




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Re: Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?



I feel like batteries are always improving as time goes by. I have a Galaxy S III in 4G all day and have no battery concerns. That's checking emails, web browsing and listening to Internet radio.



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Re: Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?

What you can do to improve your battery life is turn off mobile data.
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Re: Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?

Battery life is a complex issue.  Batterly life varies greatly depending on how you as an individual use your phone, and the quality of reception in your geogaphic location;  in addition to the factors inherent on the particular device, such as antenna design on the device, battery capacity, and radio software.  Just because somebody else tells you the GS4 has "better" battery life for them does no mean you would have the same experience.

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Re: Has the Galaxy 4 battery life improved?

I am also using galaxy s4 with 3g network. Most of the time I do chatting, emails, web browsing, games etc. there is no such battery complaint yet.

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