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HTC one X plus stops receiving calls


HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

I'm on my 2nd HTC One X plus in less than 2 weeks.  The 1st phone worked out of the box, then 4 days (could have been sooner) inbound calls stopped reaching the phone.  Callers got ringing then a switch to a busy signal or a message that call couldn't be completed.  Nothing reached my voicemail and the phone showed no missied calls or voicemails.  AT&T switched out the sim, the phone then worked for 2 days and again stopped receiving calls.  I could receive texts and call out.  Went back to ATT, received a new phone that worked for 1-1/2 days and now today is not receiving calls.  It either rings (8-10 times), then goes busy, or rings 2-3 times and gets a "unable" to connect message.  I really like the rest of the features of this phone, but if it won't receive calls it does me no good.  Is anyone else having this problem or had it and found a solution before I return it again?  Thanks. 

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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

once you make the selection exit the menu, then power off then back on again. Also if this is happening at the same time every day or night then it is most likely a system upgrade going through with AT&T and if so if this does work you will be fine with the change, just every so often change back again to see if the issue is gone or not.
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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

No it didn't help. I did what you suggested but I don't think it took the change as the option changes back to GSM/WCDMA/LTE ater I make the selection and exit the menu. How do I knowit took the change to WCDMA only? will I see anything different when I use the same command again?


The only options which stick are "GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto" and "CDMA/EvDo/GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto". I'm not able to persist any o the other options from the menu.


I will try again i it behaves better during the day time tomorrow and i the problem is only at night time. Thanks or your help.

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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

I recently picked up an HTC one X+ and have been having a similar problem.   I have found it normally occurs while the phone is connected to Wifi.  Basically whenever i am connected to wifi and surfing the web or using data, the phone will not accept calls or texts.  If someone trys to call me they get a busy signal or an unable to connect error. 


I have alos noticed that while i am connected to wifi it will not allow me to be signed into Google Talk.  Seems like the phone has issue switching between types of antenna. (eg. Switching between wifi, 4g, and 3g to make calls) 


Does anyone know a fix for this?  It has become a huge problem and i am considering ditching the phone all together.

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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

Just to clarify, I noticed the LTE isue first on my previous ohone the SGS2 Skyrocket. I just got the HOX+ last week. it worked on the new sim for a while but now is bock to the same old thing. I confirmed that as long as the phone is already in regular 4G and not LTE mode I can receive calls no problem. As soon as it picks up LTE, I start having issues.


Something new happened today, I kept getting sent to voicemeail when trying to call the phone today. Then I called out to my voicemail account on the HOX+ and now I am back to just hearing ringing or busy tone after 2 rings when trying to call in to the HOX+


Remember when the HTC Thunderbolt (the 1st LTE phone - Verizon) was having this issue? I wonder if its the same thing.

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Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

Guys. I think I may have solved the problem without going back for another SIM card. And I may have found a solution: This a long post But worth It.


In the interest of being fair, I will tell you everything I did until my HOX+ stated receiving calls again. I say this because I am not sure what exactly fixed It if indeed is fixed.


My wife called my Work phone to ask me a question and I new my HOX+ went back into the negative zone. (I had been working fine since 12/10 after receiving my first replacement SIM card)


I kept trying to call the HOX+ to no avail. I noticed like someone else said that if I hang up and try to call again while the status bar still said 4G, It would receive the call. Hung up tried to call right back, noticed the status bar jumps from 4G to 4GLTE then back while the Work phone kept ringing out till busy tone. I tried a reboot By holding the power button until the phone reboots on its own. Was able to call It once the signal bars came in But It did not switch to LTE yet. Hung up and tried to call again. By this time the HOX+ switched to 4GLTE. Work phone starts ringing out, on first ring out, HOX+ switches to 4G, does not ring.


Tried removing the SIM after shutdown. Reinserted SIM and powered up. One call makes It thru before HOX+ switches to 4GLTE. All subsequent calls either start ringing no answer till busy (15-20 rings out from Work phone) or rings 2x then busy tone. Waited a couple hours. Tried to call again But this time I either get ring 2x then busy or ring 2x then voicemail which never happened before. Then I only got ring once then voicemail. I'm thinking "weird".


I didn't wait till voice message finish or leave a message even though I intended to do It once to see if It would alert me that I have a message. I never get to It. I started searching around for voicemail options. I read on an ATT help site about some SIMs have the ability to store 2 numbers and you should make sure that your number you are calling is the "home" or "main" number. The info Was on an HTC Inspire help site. I couldn't find any option like this on my HOX+ so I start looking into all the settings, I see a call blocking setting. I thought maybe It is stuck on blocking even though the phone sys It isn't so I try to set to block all incoming then set It to off, But as I sent the command to block all It says "Network or SIM error" the status bar says 4G so I try calling It. It receives the call and rings! I think "cool I fixed It" So I try again, nothing But the same (switches from 4GLTE to 4G, no ring in no receiving any incoming)


So next, I tried the *#*#4636#*#*


I tried to select WCDMA only. It didn't stick. I tried turning the radio off and then back on, then selecting WCDMA only, did't stick. I tried pinging the device, then selecting WCDMA only, didn't stick. I found that if I turn the radio off in that section, I Was able to select WCDMA only and the selection kept. But then, I would turn the radio back on and It would immediately revert back to GSM/WCDMA/LTE preferred. I tried turning the radio off, selecting WCDMA only then rebooting. When the phone finished booting I went back into the *#*#4636#*#* menu, and It Was back on GSM/WCDMA/LTE preferred. Keep in mind that I did not try calling the phone at all during this. At this point I Was only trying to find a way to make my selection of WCDMA only stick But to no avail. Then I did tried to call a couple of times while still in the phone info menu. Just rings no answer or rings 2x then busy.


The next thing I did Was hit the menu icon in the top right of the screen and selected fixed dialing numbers. It came back with no contacts on the sim card. Then I selected Disable Data Connection in the Menu dropdown. Then I selected Enable Data Connection.


Here's what I think fixed It: I next selected Select Radio Band in the Menu dropdown. It comes up with 2 options: Automatic, and USA Band. I selected USA band and got a confirmation message stating that I indeed selected USA Band. Then I called the phone and It immediately started to ring! I paid attention and noticed the 4GLTE icon Was there. Then It switched to 4G on first ring of my calling phone and my HOX+ rang!


I got excited But then thought It might be a fluke and tried calling It again and It immediately rang again!. Just tried again after typing all of this and It still rings on first try! I think this solved It.




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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

Time will tell if very appropriate but also the problem.  Is adjusting the radio settings the fix or was it just because of the switching everything back and forth?  My 4th sim lasted 7 days, then stopped receiving calls again.  For 2 days it went in and out of being able to receive.  I couldn't get to the ATT store but did stop and pick up a micro sim adapter from a Tmobile store.  Pulled the sim from the HOX+, put it back in my old phone and that phone worked fine.  The next day tried the sim back in the HOX+ still didn't work, not having the code number at the time I disabled all the radio apps and anything else I though might be interfering, nothing changed so I went back to my old phone again. I then did another master reset on the HOX+ with the intention of returning it again.  Then I saw your post.  So I put the sim back again and the phone is currently receiving calls without changing anything.  It could go a few hours or days before it stops receiving again which is when I would try the radio change.  The store gave me an extension on my 14 days when this first started but that time is coming to an end now also and I either have to switch this to another phone or continue to wonder if it's going to work on a daily basis. 

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls



I can't tell you what to do, but if I were you I would go ahead and return it, that way I still have my upgrade availability.I am going to try and repeat the results by inducing the trouble with the phone. And I will update this website. Then I will try to repeat the solution. And I will update the website. That way, if that does solve it, you could go and purchase it again knowing you will be able to use it.


I just hate to see this phone, being such a game changer that it could be, get ruined when as simple a solution as selecting the radio band could solve the issues we're having.

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

I just wanted to add that I've never done a hard reset in order to get the phone to start receiving calls again. I went from being unable to receive any calls for almost the entire day, to receiving calls repeatedly buy simply changing the radio settings.

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

So I've tried to reintroduce the trouble by reselecting the automatic radio bands in Testing - Phone Information - Menu Dropdown. But I am still repeatedly receiving calls I make to the HOX+.  So I will leave it on this option for a few days since I know when we are inserting a new SIM it works for a few days before revealing any kind of trouble. Then If it is unable to receive any calls, I will go back into the test menu and select USA Bands. And I will leave it there until it can't receive a call. Hopefully it will continue to receive calls and I can report back that that is the permanent solution and that I have been receiving calls for more than a week.

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

I've not been having trouble receiving calls since last few days. At work it consistently received calls but at home sometimes I get the no answer issue but most of the other times it works just fine. Maybe once you start paying attention to it, it seems worse. I remember even with iPhone sometimes I'll get missed calls even though I did not hear the phone ring. I've decided to keep the phone for the time being.... 3 days away from my 14 days return period.

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

I've been having the same problem with a refurbed HTC One X.

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Re: Solution!!! (Possibly. Time will tell) PASS IT ON!!! Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls



My wife told me today, that she tried to call me and got ring ring ring. I had switched back to automatic radio bands in the TEST / PHONE INFORMATION / MENU DROPDOWN section since my last post to see if I could duplicate the results.


I tried to call myself with my work cell phone, rings 2x then busy tone or rings rings rings. nothing happpening on HOX+.


I go into the test menu and reselect the US BANDS. Rebooted the phone. Guess what? On first try, the HOX+ rings, I waited another five minutes and checked to see if 4GLTE is available. Called again, HOX+ is ringing in and receiving calls. now I will leave it on US BAnds to see if the issue returns.


So far I have been able to duplicate the phone receiving then no longer able to receive calls and I have been able to duplicate going from unable to receive to immediately being able to receive incoming calls. Just waiting to see if it holds out and not lose the ability to receive incoming calls. Hopefully won't be updating this site for at least a week only to say still receiving calls.


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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

Same problem, tried 3 different phones and 4 SIM cards, and can state unequivocally that this has nothing to do with phone or SIM cards.


The problem is indeed the phone falling off the right LTE bands. I can’t figure out if it is the phone or the network, but the fix is indeed as some have noted:


  1. On the keypad enter *#*#INFO#*#*
  2. Select “Phone information”
  3. Click on the menu and select “Select radio band”
  4. Click on “USA Band”


That will fix it. Until the next time you fall off the network, that is.


Unfortunately there is no way to know that your phone has gotten into this state until someone lets you know that you are missing calls. But, when it does happen, this will fix it.

--- Ben
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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

For me this is not a huge deal breaker. I don't receive a lot of calls anyway. I make more than I get. Even so, it's still not that many. So if I have the problem again, I know how to resolve it. So far 2 days without an issue.going on day 3. My next post will be next Friday.
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Re: HTC one X plus stops receiving calls

Hello everyone.


I just upgraded to the HOX from a nexus 1 about a week ago. I have terrible att coverage at my house already but I was at least able to receive phone calls in certain rooms with the N1.

I Just got off the phone with att rep. and spent half an hour basically confirming that yes, my phone doesnt receive phone calls at my house. After reading through this thread and experimenting for a couple of hours I firmly believe that the issue has to do with 4G/LTE. I tried setting my radio band to USA but my phone defaults to back to HSPA, HSPAP, UMTS or LTE after selecting the "USA band" The only time I was able to receive phone calls was when my "Network type:" was EDGE and a big "E" was displayed in the notification bar. I made about 15 successful calls to my phone while it was on EDGE. As soon as it dropped the EDGE connection I was back to no phone calls. Unfortunately I dont kow how to force my phone to use the EDGE band. My phone seems to drop back to it only once in a while. So....now what?????Smiley Mad



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