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HTC One update?


HTC One update?

Hello all,


I just ported over from Verizon on Saturday and have an HTC One.  Currently I'm running:


Android: 4.1.2


HTC Sense: 5.0


Software Number: 1.26.502.12


I've checked for updated and it tells me that I'm up to date but looking at the HTC website (


it says that I need an update if I'm running anything less than 1.27.502.12 but it appears that I cannot get the update from HTC since I'm using a mac and not a PC. I'm just curious if anyone knows if AT&T is pushing this out yet or what I can/should do.

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Re: HTC One update?

And it looks like I cannot even use HTC sync for my HTC One because my device is locked? Is this something I can call AT&T and have them send me an unlock code? I'm clueless here...

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Re: HTC One update?

Updates rollout sequentially to customers (in some order apparently known only to AT&T), so you just need to wait your turn.  The system simply doesn't have the capacity to update everyone at the same time.  Might take days or even weeks.


HTC Sync doesn't require the phone to be SIM unlocked.  Where are you getting that info?

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Re: HTC One update?

You can always download and install manually from HTC (if you're talking about 4.3 and haven't received OTA yet).

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