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HTC One X + update


HTC One X + update

I woke up earlier to an AT&T message saying your phone is ready for a new software update. So I downloaded it, an nothing has changed or happen. What's this about, was it jus a fake, or will I see something diff later?
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Re: HTC One X + update

I unfortunately don't have a lot of information (and it's all somewhere around fifth- or sixth-hand and multiple months out of date,) but I'm fairly confident that, if the AT&T One X+ devices get the firmware update, the patch will be included.


HTC releasing the update for the One X+, though, doesn't mean it will be immediately released for the AT&T One X+. I am worried that, by the time that firmware OTA update is released, the One X+ will have been too long end-of-lifed by AT&T for us to receive that update.


I am hoping that AT&T understands why this is such a problem... people who have their phone encrypted are generally corporate users, so a person who is suddenly having issues with WebEx and Chrome after setting up corporate email might not feel good about buying an AT&T / HTC device for their next device... not having corporate email access is generally not an option for such users!



(Oh, and a brief update on my earlier warranty-voiding endeavors -- I was able to use a mainver fix, but now I need a good copy of the 1.15 ROM to get onto the phone. The one I have seems to be a corrupted .zip. How irritating.)

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