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HTC One X+ not available in stores?


HTC One X+ not available in stores?


Today I went to an AT&T store hoping to find the HTC One X+ was going to have it's price dropped now that the latest One is out...and they didn't have any in stock, nor did any other stores when I searched online. AT&T website shows it still available at $199...but that's the price of the newest One. Anyone know what the future of this phone is? I was hoping to score one at a nice price!





PS The One is gorgeous...

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Re: HTC One X+ not available in stores?

Hmm. I'm sure it's not completely phased out, yet. The stores should still have them in stock, as with the website here. They will more than likely drop the price significantly. Just keep waiting.

Indeed, the new One is gorgeous. Smiley Happy

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Re: HTC One X+ not available in stores?

The One X+ had a very limited release.  Even when it was new, I read posts that stated it wasn't carrier in most stores, and had to be ordered.  One person called it possibly the worst selling phone in HTC history.  Not the least of which, due to the fact that AT&T simply did not support it well with advertising, distribution, etc.


Stores won't give you a better price than online.  So you won't achieve anything from trying to hunt it down at stores versus online (even if you could find it).


That said, the X+ really just seemed like a mid-phase type of release.  Just an incremental improvement over the One X.  Same body, just a slightly better CPU and more storage.  Really just seemed like a holdever to get HTC a bit of sales while they worked on the next "real" new design (HTC One).  That is the main reason it wasn't hyped at all by AT&T.


That said.  I've heard the X+ is not that great a phone.  Some say the Tegra3 is not as good as the Snapdragon S4 in the One X, even though the Tegra3 is quad core and higher clock speed.  And not much of an online community (since sales were so low), if you need help and support from other users.  So unless its super cheap, like $50, or even 99 cents or free (which probably won't be the case for some time), I'd just try to scrape together the money for the One.  Its simply not worth it to get the X+, even if it were 50 or dollars 100 cheaper.

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