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HTC One X factory screen manufacturer


HTC One X factory screen manufacturer

hi,im from dominican republic.
I bought an AT&T One x as-is, with a partial-green screen. this screen supoust to be the factory screen for this model as mentioned in this thread:


but my phone doesn´t show anything in the screen. all the other functions works : the phone turns on,vibrate,sound,charge, and when i plug it on the pc, the pc shows:: htc android device---ready to use. but i cant get into the storage(i think it is something about phone config, not an issue..) even made a touch digitizer test. and it works too.


the seller said me that the phone came from factory with the green flex screen(sharp version) but in the thead say that at&t screens are manufactured by sony(partial green screens)

i tested the partial grenn screen with other at&t one x and it worked perfect.but not in my phone. T.T


conclusion question:


Is it possible that some at&t one x´s has been manufactured with sharp screens or is just a hardware issue from my htc?????


sorry if bad english. if you don´t understand something i would try to make you understand xd..

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Re: HTC One X factory screen manufacturer

I remember at the phone's release, it was discussed on "that other forum" that 2 (or maybe even 3?) different screen manufacturers were being used for this device.


And I see from a response to your thread on XDA, that the screens are not interchangeable.  

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