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HTC One X backorder

HTC One X backorder

I ordered the htc one x 3 days ago and there still telling me its on backorder and cant tell me even an expected time when the backorder will be up todate again. I think they should know when there phones will be in the warehouse again. There is no way they just dont know when there phones and accessories will not be in the warehouse again. does anyone else have this problem and if you do when did they tell you there orders are on back order, the only thing they told me was it could be between 1-3 weeks, they just dont know.

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Re: HTC One X backorder

I am going thur the same thing. I contact them  yesterday for them to still tell me that there not sure when it will be in but they could give my another device. So a billion dollar company don't really know when there supplies would be back in. Its not a good start for a new customer

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Re: HTC One X backorder

Put my order in on 1-7 still no shipping update. Called customer service to get a great non answer to my question.  Will consider cancelling my order if it has not shipped out by tomorrow. Not a great way to start out ATT. Also worries me since I am a Uverse customer and wonder how hard it will be to get serviced if I ever have a problem.

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Re: HTC One X backorder

I'm in same situation - ordered one phone on 12/31/12, and the second one on 1/2/13.  Both on backorder.  Actually, I ordered them both on the same day, but the site would only let me get one - I had to call for the other one.  While I was talking to the guy on the phone, he told me that after the order goes through, I should get a number of e-mails from ATT verifying the upgrade/etc.


Never got the e-mails - but I do have the order status update to "processing".  I also have been charged the "out of pocket" fee, and the upgrade fee for both lines has shown up on my bill due 1/25/13.


I've recieved an e-mail and a text letting me know I bill was updated and I needed to pay by 1/25/13, so initiated a chat with them to understand what's going on with the actual phones.  They said they are both on backorder (HTC One X), and they did not know when they would be available.  I asked if they would get the phones to me before I pay the upgrade fees, and they told me they had no idea.


I was close to moving to Verizon before this - at this point, if I have to pay the first phone bill with both upgrades and they can't guarantee the phones to me within a few days, I may have to cancel and move to Verizon.  The guy on they phone at ATT told me that you can cancel within 14 days of receipt of any phone.  I may have to do that on principle - something about them actually taking my money and charging me for the upgrade without actually giving it to me or even giving me an idea of when it will be available doesn't sit right.


Especially when the guy I talked to on the day I ordered told me that they would likely be on backorder because of the holiday sales, BUT that they would typically be in-stock and moving again within a few days.  He said this was an extremely popular phone and things were already in the works to re-supply - based on what he told me, I was expecting the phone around last Friday, this Monday at latest.

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Re: HTC One X backorder

I ordered 1/4/13.  No indication when ordering that the things were on backorder.  Would have been nice to know before placing the order, or at least when you check the order status... instead of 'processing', could they not note that it's backordered?  Mine was an upgrade for an iPhone that was/is malfunctioning - frustrating to use.  I was looking forward to the quick turnaround time so that I could have a fully functional phone again.  Don't like being left in the dark.

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Re: HTC One X backorder

I got the same response from just about everyone I talked to. It would have been awesome if they told me before I bought the phone it was out of stock. One rep said after a week I could recieve a credit towards my bill since I have no phone to use since I am a new customer, but this is insanity. You would think AT&T would have a more proffesional about the whole online ordering process. Only reason why I am considering sticking around now because they sent my wife her new phone. This is horrible bussiness management.

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Re: HTC One X backorder

I am in the same boat as all of you. I ordered my phone on 1/2. I just got an email tonight about a change on the acct but the status still says "processing". It should say back ordered. This entire experience is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
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Re: HTC One X backorder

Amen! It has finally shipped. I just hope that USPS doesn't loose it in transit. Crossing my fingers
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Re: HTC One X backorder

Same here - checked my profile today, and both shipped.


Apparently, they must have been receiving the shipment as I was posting my problem yesterday. 


I understand they were waiting on the manufacturer, and these things take time - but I think they could have improved their communication.


Just checked delivery date - one was sent FedEx, one sent USPS.  Apparently, the FedEx one will be delivered today.  I'm a little annoyed because it's going to be raining here for the next three days, and our carriers just leave stuff on our front step - there's a good chance I'll come home to a wet phone.  I know that's not necessarily AT&T's fault - but, it hasn't rained for over a week - and this wouldn't have been a problem had they been able to ship when they charged me. 


Oh well - hopefully the packaging is semi-waterproof.  Smiley Happy


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Re: HTC One X backorder

So I was thinking that after it said "shipped", I would get it by Friday. This is not the case. It has been sitting in the TX facility for the past 2 days. Looks like I will be getting it on Monday. Seriously AT&T! I know they want to save money here and there but geez!
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Re: HTC One X backorder

Good luck.  Mine said shipped last Wednesday (1/9)... USPS tracking has showed it sitting in the TX facility for two days, and when it left Friday, their website said expected delivery Saturday (1/12).  Saturday came and went, checked tracking last night, and now the phone is in Orlando.  I live in Ohio.  USPS is not the most efficient organization, and certainly is not fulfilling the 'two day shipping' that was advertised.  Not AT&Ts fault, but frustrating nonetheless.  

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