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HTC One X Screen Freeze


HTC One X Screen Freeze

I have an HTC One X running stock Jelly Bean, 4.1.1 with Sense 4+. I have been nagged with a reoccurring problem of having my screen become unresponsive for a short period of time. It will freeze up and not respond to any input for several seconds to a minute, and I can perform no operations whatsoever. I have confirmed that the screen is registering the touches by setting the Developer Options to show screen touches. Oddly, if I lock and unlock the screen using the top button, it will unfreeze and allow me full control again, consistently. This problem began while running Ice Cream Sandwich a few weeks back, and continues even after the recent upgrade to Jelly Bean. Can anyone offer any suggestions other than of course, a factory reset?

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Re: HTC One X Screen Freeze

Ok, well I'm going to reply to my own post. Since I posted two days ago, I have booted the phone into safe mode to see if the problem persisted, and it did not. Doing this caused any widgets I had on any of my screens to be deleted. I then opened the app manager and cleared the "data" on any app I didn't regularly use, as well as any others that I didn't care about, excluding any apps that appeared to be system related. I re-booted the phone out of safe mode, and after extensive testing, found the "freezing" problem to be gone. So, I can't say whether any of the widgets I had displayed were a problem, or whether I had any corrupted app data. I have since re-installed each of the widgets I previously had and still have had no screen freezes. It's anyone's guess!

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