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HTC One - Bluetooth Issue After 4.3 Update


HTC One - Bluetooth Issue After 4.3 Update

Received the 4.3 update the other day, and now have Bluetooth issues with my car, a 2010 Kia Soul.  It will connect, but will not download the phonebook.  I get a message on my car display saying "Downloading Phonebook", but it never downloads.  It occasionally pops a small message on my phone about bluetooth status, connecting, connected, not connected, etc.  Bluetooth does work if I dial manually, but this issue disables hands-free use.  Which makes phone use illegal while driving in many states.  Thoughts?  Solutions?

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Re: HTC One - Bluetooth Issue After 4.3 Update

I'm having issues too revolving around bluetooth.  Whenever I start up the FM Radio app, within 10 minutes or so, I get an error "Unfortunately Bluetooth Share has stopped" then the FM Radio app crashes.  They only way to fix it is to reboot the phone.


This only started happening after the 4.3 update this past weekend.

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