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HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?


HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

Ever since the update i have been getting the Dish icon (like GPS) appearing consistently for 10-20 minutes at a time in a given hour.  The battery drain since the update is horrible.  Go to work, look at my phone 2 hours in and its at 50% battery.  Go into manage apps and see Agent IQ under android services. says its running for over 24 hours? when i try to stop the app.  It stops for about 3-5 minutes and then is initiated again.  I have no GPS on , no auto update apps....what the heck.... tried the hard reboot after stopping the program and nothing....this is getting to be ridiculous.  Any one else having the issue? i see it in other forums about the ATT update/Agent IQ issue but nothing here in the community....weird

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Re: HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

It was only happening on the AT&T M8s per android forums and Reddit, along with this thread. Stopping IQ Agent prevented the GPS from activating. I would not be surprised if an unofficial update was released through google via webview update. I don't care because my phone finally works normally now, but I am also not buying that AT&T's IQ Agent had nothing to do with the problem. 

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Re: HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

My issue seems to have gone away as well this week. I always have 5 bars
of 4GLTE while at work, so it's the same scenario as last week, but now my
GPS symbol isn't showing up constantly and I can get through the day
without charging.

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Re: HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

I am glad also that this is solved but you know that AT&T will never admit that it was partially their problem.  It did seem to be only AT&T M8 phones with this issue. But you know the typical "it wasn't us" answer that we will get.

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Re: HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

I had this issue loooong before webview was a notable or isolated app, and
had zero issue upon getting a replacement phone along with identical setup.
I don't think there's a singular explanation for this, but glad to hear
others are finally getting the deserved resolution that ATT seemed to have
no interest in troubleshooting for its customers.

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Re: HTC M8 Agent IQ Battery Drain?

I spoke too soon...while the agent doesn't stay on for hours at a time. I
see it flashing constantly and my battery (after a week of better battery)
is draining again the same or now even more...been up for 4 hours took one
call that lasted 5 minutes and now have 45% battery life even with the
saver activated...you are losing a lifelong customer and the company I work
for business lines. This is ridiculous....they say Comcast has bad customer
support...this is even worse

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