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HTC Inspire issue with phone freezing


HTC Inspire issue with phone freezing

I keep having the same issue and have had the phone warrantied once for this already.  When my phone is on and booted, when I click on the button to take my phone out of sleep mode, the screen will come up where I am supposed to slide the bar down to unlock the phone.  However, the screen will freeze and not allow me to slide the bar.  Then when I try to take the phone out of sleep mode again for the next several minutes, the screen will stay black, but the home, menu, back, and search buttons at the buttom of the phone will be lit up.  When I took my first inspire in to the warranty center they said this was a known issue and that HTC had an update comiing out to fix the issue.  However, a couple months later and a new phone, the issue is still persisting and getting worse everyday.  Has anybody been able to get past this without getting a completely different model phone?

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Re: HTC Inspire issue with phone freezing

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Re: HTC Inspire issue with phone freezing

this did not work for me, any other fixes?

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Re: HTC Inspire issue with phone freezing

I too am having this problem, screen freezes and goes to black, but apps continue to run (Pandora playing music).  Volume up/down button works but all other buttons freezes and I have to remove the battery to recover. I've twice contacted AT&T but since my phone is out of warranty they were not helpful.  AT&T wouldn't admit that this is a class issue, despite my pointing them to their own Forum Pages.  AT&T twice advised me to perform a factory reset but in both cases the phone froze within hours of the reset (once without loading any applications, only allowing updates on the default apps).  HTC support was just as bad and English skills were worse, no admission of a problem and they gave me no options!  Frankly, I'm about done with both HTC and AT&T.  AT&T coverage at my home is 3 bars less than Verizon and two less than T-Mobile, reception is so bad that I had to purchase a MicroCell just to place calls from my home. While away from my MicroCell and testing search response times with friends running Verizon phones, they're service is faster, despite AT&T's claims.  My 2-years are up in two months and Verizon will likely have my business.  Last year I dropped AT&T home phone and DSL due to poor performance and support 'issues,' and after this experience I'll be happy to drop AT&T all together. 

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