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HTC Inspire Keeps Rebooting Self


HTC Inspire Keeps Rebooting Self

It's been a few days now, and each day at least twice it reboots itself. It's not even while I'm using an app, just sitting on my desk and it all of a sudden does it. Driving me absolutely nuts!! 


Anybody else having this problem? Know how to fix it? I know people have suggested doing a factory reset, but I'm still scared to do this. I want to make sure I have everything saved before I do any resetting.


That being said, if I save some of my apps to my sd card, will their information/memory be saved too?



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Re: HTC Inspire Keeps Rebooting Self

Apps aren't saved to your sdcard and the info is only backed up if it was designed that way.
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Re: HTC Inspire Keeps Rebooting Self

There is not good way of backing up your app data, unless you are rooted.  There are a few apps for certain apps, for instance I've seen "Angry Birds Backup" for backing up progress on that game to SD (haven't used it myself, so can't vouch for it).  But for the most part, there is no way to save app data without root.


If you use Gmail, your email and contacts will be saved on the cloud.  You can backup text messages using Market apps, such as SMS Backup +.  For other data, like POP mail, if you need to back them up, you can look to the Market for options.


Random reboots can happen for various reasons, software and hardware related, so its impossible to know for sure.  A factory reset is a good start.  But you may also need a warranty repair, as it may be a hardware issue.

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Re: HTC Inspire Keeps Rebooting Self

Mine started rebooting itself too a couple of weeks ago.  Now it does it 7 or 8 times a day without any apparent reason.  It can just be sitting there and all of a sudden it does it.  Driving me nuts!  I took it to the AT&T store and they replaced the SIM card and killed a bunch of apps, but none of it helped.  I even removed all the apps I installed within the last month, no help.  I have no warranty and am not due for an upgrade for another 6 months. Also, when I try to call anyone about 50% of the time it disconnects instead of ringing through.  I am about ready to throw the stupid thing out the window.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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