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HTC Inspire 4G update problem


HTC Inspire 4G update problem

I received a text message from AT&T about 3 days ago telling me there was a critical software update for my phone. I have been trying to download the update but I get a "Server Unavailable" error. I am connected to WiFi and have tried at various times of the day. What can I do to get this update?
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Re: HTC Inspire 4G update problem

Well what do ya know?  It works!  


Thanks for the info, Allen!

allen0903 wrote:
Dial *#*#682#*#* in your phone. The update will start automatically.


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Re: HTC Inspire 4G update problem

Pls I have a prob with my Android phone HTC inspire 4g my wireless network is not working I can not turn on my WiFi,my bluetooth and I cannot do usb thethering on my phone my radio is not working and also I am unable to download some applicaton on my phone like whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc,pls what so u think is the problem and what are the posible solution

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Re: HTC Inspire 4G update problem

Is your Inspire rooted? if so, have you changed anything recurrently?
if not rooted, have you tried to reboot the device? if that doesn't work, pull the battery out and let it sit for about 3 minutes. replace battery, but up, and let us know what happened.
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Re: HTC Inspire 4G update problem

I'm having same problem. any solution...
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Re: HTC Inspire 4G update problem

Just as okiebirdnerd's problem...
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