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Group Text Fails


Group Text Fails

I am having failure with Group Texts (3 total people) I am using Samsung S9 - they are on I-phone.  I followed all of the instructions to fix but it did not work.  This began this weekend after the mandatory update.  


When I send a message it instantly fails to send (groups only individual messages are fine).


Any thoughts?

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‎05-01-2019 9:02 PM

Re: Group Text Fails

Greetings @robi70!


When you've completed your message make sure to tap the 3 dots in the top right corner. While there, please verify that Group Text (two heads icon) is highlighted. If not, simply visit Text Settings (Settings > More Settings > Multimedia > Group Conversations) to make Group Text the default setting.


We hope this info helps.


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Group Text Fails

Still doesn't work

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Re: Group Text Fails

There are two things you can try. The second option worked for my S7.

  1. select the group text that is failing, click the three dots at the top, and on the window that drops down below the Recipients section choose Leave Conversation (it may be a door with an arrow coming out of it). Now recreate the same group and see if it works. Make sure on the drop down below the Recipients section there is a two head person icon with MMS highlighted otherwise click that icon to turn on group MMS.
  2. if that does not work try selecting the group text and deleting all the messages of that group (save all text and pictures you need from the string before doing this) and then do step 1.

I did not try option 1 and wish I did first before conducting option 2. Good luck.

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Re: Group Text Fails

This solution did not work for me. I have the same type of issue "failed to send group message with an explanation point to the right of the message

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Re: Group Text Fails

Thanks the second solution solved my issue!

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