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Group Messaging (Receiving) - Samsung Galaxy s 3


Group Messaging (Receiving) - Samsung Galaxy s 3

I know there have been posts made about this before and usually (at least the ones I am finding) the response is to download a third party app.  However, in light of the new update to 4.1.2 (Finally!) is there a way to not only send group messages (which seems easily enough) but to get all the responses in one thread?


My friend has the Verizon Samsung Galaxy s 3 and he can do it but we can not figure out how to do it on mine.


Looking forward to your answers!

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Re: Group Messaging (Receiving) - Samsung Galaxy s 3

Bump.  I tried installing the ATT Messager App and it keeps telling me to call my voicemail.  Also the Handcent App or w.e it is called won't work.  Would appreciate some help.

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