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Google phone on AT&T network


Google phone on AT&T network

After a lot of problems with my Infuse, and reading a few threads here that indicate AT&T is still heavily restricting the apps and features that are live on phones on their network, I'm ready to buy a phone from Google to avoid some of that pain. In a call with a customer service rep, though, they said something ominous about not being able to get data if I went to that phone. I'm reasonably sure that's normal party line, but unsupported by facts...but I thought I'd throw the question out here just to be sure.


Any problems taking the SIM from my Infuse and swapping it over to a Nexus 4?

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Re: Google phone on AT&T network

You shouldn't have problems with that, but I haven't received my Nexus 4 yet to test it out.  I used my Galaxy Nexus successfully on AT&T.

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Re: Google phone on AT&T network

Virtually any GSM phone that is not SIM locked will get data, but it will be EDGE speeds.


But as long as the phone is compatible with the proper bands (850 and 1900 MHz for 3G) it will work on AT&T's 3G/4G (HSPA+) network.


Very few if any phones will get data on AT&T's LTE network, if not AT&T branded.


If you're talking about the Nexus 4, it is designed to work on AT&T's network, and will work fine for anyting but LTE (N4 does not include any LTE hardware).

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