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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3


Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

Why can I not download Google wallet on my new galaxy s3. I just bought this phone thinking that I would be able to use Google wallet and found out that AT&T has blocked the download. I wanted to try the Irisi app but this does not work either. Anybody have luck getting Google wallet working on the S3
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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

Sprint is the only US carrier that Google Wallet is supported on for carrier-branded US phones. 

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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

You need to root. Then  go to xda forums and follow the step  by step. I have it working just gine on my phone.

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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

I rooted my inspire before I got my S3 and lost battery life and the volume part of the phone. So far I have been happy with the stock S3 ( would lo e to get Jelly Bean).
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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

AT&T blocks the use of Google Wallet due to their heavy investment in a joint venture called Isis. With Isis, AT&T will make money on each transaction. So, they have blocked all competitors (Google Wallet) from being installed on their phones.



The Isis app is horrible and doesn't even come close to having the features that Google Wallet has. Just another example as to why AT&T should be broken up........



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Re: Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S3

I can't stand stupidity. ISIS is more likely to fail if they make it proprietary. I live in Salt Lake City (one of their testing grounds) and ISIS is great. The problem is that not everyone accepts it, and they won't until more people have mobile wallets.


So why can't I use Google Wallet on my Galaxy SIII? If AT&T wants to give a technical reason I'll accept it but if it's to support "their" ISIS then they are fools. If the only wallet you can have on your phone is ISIS then it will fail. But if you can have all the populare wallets on you phone then they are in a great positions to be one of the top and they will make more money. 

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