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General Comment about my HTC One. Love it but..


General Comment about my HTC One. Love it but..

I tried downloading a couple of neat apps from Google's website and found I couldn't use them because of the OS that was installed on my new HTC One (Black). I was a little upset Cat Mad so I decided to leave a feedback on my three week experience with this phone.


I had bit of a learning curve, because I was coming from the Iphone 4.  I've had the black version of AT&T's HTC One for about two weeks now and have to say that I really love it. Overall, I haven't had any problems problems with and I'm quite satisfied with the performance despite the amount of carrier installed bloatware. The 4.7in screen is the right size--not to big and not too small. It's very clear and the colors are pretty crisp. It takes some getting used to but I'm slowly getting the hang of the different setup features--and boy are there many. As I mentioned earlier--it's a little bit of a learning curve if you have never used an Android phone but that's what makes it fun. The one serious issue I have with AT&T's new HTC One (released 19 Apr 2013) is the version of the operating system that comes pre-installed with it--Android 4.1.2. (released 9 Oct 12). The Google app store has a lot of neat apps that allow you to really customize the phone but AT&T's OS version for comes with an outdated operating system and who knows when/if they will provide its customers with an update--reason why I gave only 3-Stars for features. Not Google's or HTC's fault but AT&T Techs. Another problem is that AT&T pre-installed applications can't be removed/deleted. I have the 32GB version and about 4-8 GB is taken by those apps--apps that most users probably don't even use. Another reason for the 3-Star rating under features. Hate to say this but that's one problem I never had with any of Apple's Iphones. I see now why Apple was smart (or insisted) in not allowing AT&T modify the OS to include a lot of extra software. First, It takes a lot of extra space and you can't remove it to save space. Second, if a security/software patch or update is released--AT&T developers would have to modify it in order to make their apps part of the OS system--maybe making the device slower or create security issues. Simply put--this carrier takes too much time to react. Consider the dates for the versions that came after Android 4.1.2 (currently on the AT&T HTC One)--Android 4.2 (13 Nov 2012), Android 4.2.1 (27 Nov 2013), Android 4.2.2 (11 Feb 2013). Unfortunately, AT&T is holding back this device. Are you willing to do without the regular updates until AT&T releases their modified version? There's no way to remove AT&T's software even after you complete your contract--which is unfortunate. If you can deal with these short-commings, then I strongly recommend this phone.

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Re: General Comment about my HTC One. Love it but..

That's with any cell phone carrier your going to have blot ware that you don't want. The only phones that don't have any blot ware are the Google nexus phones. And that's because Googlewant the ccustomer to have a Google experience. I to have an htc one and I don't have any issues with it is smooth fast and works well
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Re: General Comment about my HTC One. Love it but..

Actually, similar to jailbreaking an iPhone, you can root Android phones and put custom ROMs on them.  Pay in mind that this voids the manufacturer's standard warranty.  One advantage to rooting is that none of the carrier bloatware is included.  Other than that, as the other reply stated, all carriers include bloatware and updates usually take longer on non-Nexus devices.

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Re: General Comment about my HTC One. Love it but..

There is also an HTC One Google Play Edition that doesn't have carrier bloatware.  No subsidy is available for it, but you wouldn't have to lose the warranty to not have carrier bloatware.

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