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Galaxy s3 wont send texts or connect to FB


Galaxy s3 wont send texts or connect to FB

i can type a text but when i press send it doesnt appear on the phone like it used to and anyone i talk to says they havent gotten any texts. also when i check my facebook it keeps telling me to check my connection. any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Re: Galaxy s3 wont send texts or connect to FB

Oh boy this definitely doesn't sound fun.


Mind answering some questions:

  1. What Android version do you have?
  2. Are you using Google Keyboard, Samsung Keyboard or another keyboard?
  3. Does this only happen on WiFi or is it on 3G or LTE?
  4. Does this happen to you in a specific location, or time?

Any random additional information that you may find connected would be helpful. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Galaxy s3 wont send texts or connect to FB

The android version im running is 4.3. i believe the keyboard is the samsung one but im not quite sure its the one that i have used since the day i turned the phone on, not sure if that helps or not. i dont have the phone connected to wifi due to the issue i get with the battery draining when it is so its when the phone is either on 3g or LTE and its happening all the time but it only started today when i took my phone out of its protective case to clean it and put a new screen cover on it. Hope that info helps.

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Re: Galaxy s3 wont send texts or connect to FB

I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue Bigmike868. There are many things that can have an impact in this issue. My best advise bigmike868 is to contact AT&T's technical department. Here is the number so you can dial from another device and help you as soon as possible, 1-800-801-1101 or 1-800-331-0500, thanks for being part of AT&T!.

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