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Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3


Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

So I am a little bothered that I havent seen this topic on the front page with how popular the S3 was/is. The AT&T support staff tells me to check with samsung. Is this something we should look forward to or will it be skipped? Since we no longer can upgrade after 18 months it would be nice to at least get the newest software on time.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Got mine rooted. See my post.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I am still waiting for the upgrade notification to come to my S3. I've call AT&T this past Friday and was transferred unknowingly to Samsung who instructed me to go to check software status on my phone (which I have already done).  The the rep gave me this speech about  waiting for AT&T to send the upgrade to my phone and that it may be a few days because the update in on a rolling schedule.  Ok, so I waited til this past Saturday and spoke to tech support via live chat and verified my sim card # as well as my IMEI number, still no update.  Contacted AT&T later on Saturday and was told that the servers are very busy so it may be a while before I get the update...I'm seriously considering rooting my phone, but I am concerned about voiding out my warranty....this is totally rediculous!

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Galaxy S4 4.3 update

As ATT pushed the 4.3 update out and as I and others are having issues with it.


Knox profile app is not included.


Lookout is installed and can only disable it.  I want either the full verson or let me take it off the phone.  ATT discount code?


My phone now randomly restarts.


Please fix the 4.3 update and re-push the update.

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Re: Galaxy S4 4.3 update

A lot of people have reported that performing a hard reset helps fix the issues. It will unfortunately wipe everything on the phone so make backups of amything important.
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Re: Galaxy S4 4.3 update loaded unrequested software on my phone

There are a few of those that you can disable to stop them from ever running. Unfortunately since the att version is locked we are unable to remove these apps at our own will.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Hello everyone.


If you still experience any issues with either updating your pone or after the update, we're here to help! Please send us a message by clicking here and one of our social media specialists will contact you within 2 business days to help.


Thank you,


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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I am still waiting for the update myself after 8 days. I called AT&T 3 times and used the chat support options 3 times. I got inaccurate information on all my attempts. Some of them refused to accept that android jellybean 4.3 release is out. Some of them redirected me to Samsung, and their support said that Samsung provides the software to AT&T and they in turn release to the phone OTA. They even refuse to open a ticket or escalate as according to them, they don't know what to do. This is sheer incompetence on AT&T's part.


I think I have exhausted all the options there are, please suggest, if anyone has a better idea.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Yes, my phone is doing the same thing.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I have updated my GS3 to 4.3 and I love it. I am not experiencing any major problems. The only thing is the battery drainage which is not out of the ordinary from 4.1.2. But the phone is a good different experience and its like I have a new phone. I love the new notification bar and the lock screen widgets

The only ptoblem was that the update took FOREVER! Everytime I tried to update the phone it would seem like it would start then it would just stopped which was ANNOYING! So I had to manipulate the time so I would have to wait 24 hours numerous of times. I contacted AT&T and chatted with different reps and they tried to help but did not really. But after so many tries, it worked and it took a lil over an hour to go through the process which I think is worth it.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I updated my wife's S3 a few days ago, and she's now having a problem. When she opens the Gallery and presses the share button while viewing a picture, Gallery FCs.


Also, is it just me or did ATT remove the option to hide icons in the app drawer? She's back to the bandaid fix of creating a folder to hide bloatware.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

My wife's S3 is also stuck at 4.1.1. Does anyone have a solution for this? I read this on xda but it's kinda confusing

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I've tried updating to 4.3 twice now.  Both times (last was this morning) after a 1+ hour download the install failed at 24%.  I hate this phone and the software.   Wish I had never switched from Apple. Is anyone else having these issues? Can't update now for another 46 hours.  I really thought Sansung and Android would have been much better than this.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

The problem isn't Samsung or Google, it's ATT. They have released it with bugs still present. I have an SGS2 running CM10.2 and it runs faster than my wife's SGS3.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

What bugs me most is that KIES is way outdated.  It would have been a better alternative updating devices rather relying on AT&T's glitchy OTA servers.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I wonder if you guys just have too many neighbors with wifi, a crappy wifi router, or are too far from it to get a good signal, etc... I've updated two phones from 4.0.4->4.1.1->4.1.2->4.3 with no issues any time. Sure, it's not *fast* to download 600MB+ each time, but it never stops or fails on me. I just leave the phone on a table and come back when the download is finished. I did the updates more or less the day they came out each time too, in the middle of the day, when it would probably be the busiest on AT&T's servers.
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