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Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3


Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

So I am a little bothered that I havent seen this topic on the front page with how popular the S3 was/is. The AT&T support staff tells me to check with samsung. Is this something we should look forward to or will it be skipped? Since we no longer can upgrade after 18 months it would be nice to at least get the newest software on time.

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Re: I747 Update to 4.3 from 4.1.1?

The updated is out turn on your wifi and check for update. I have had it for a couple days now. Make surw your battery is charged. The update is 623.10MB. If it loses the server set your date a day ahead. Good luck and enjoy.

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Re: I747 Update to 4.3 from 4.1.1?

Knew that. I set the clock a day ahead so many times that I actually reach mid-january 2014, which is about 40+ trials to reach the server. Yet no update...still popping at 4.1.1 lol
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Updated the first day it was available.  I concur with the people who are noting the slugglish response - not huge, but noticeable.  But I have another problem that's really bugging me.  I have a constant slew of picture download notifications (see attched screenshot) that just won't go away.  I wipe them off the notifications bar, and they come right back.  Anybody else having this issue?  Anybody know how to fix this?


Download Notifications that will NOT go away

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

anyone flash keep going off when receiving a call?
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Had this as well. Go to your app drawer and select the downloads icon. Clear both lists and this stopped for me.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

For the flags for calls, while this setting is off by default, it seems to be on anyway. Go to settings> my device > accessibility. Toward the bottom is "flash notification". Tick this on then off again and reboot the phone.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I had the same issues, those files are ones you'd downloaded which were attached to an e-mail. Every time your phone checks gmail it tries to redownload those files. To stop it go to downloads/other downloads and delete those files. The repeated download will stop then.
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Galaxy S4 4.3 update loaded unrequested software on my phone

I just got a pop-up tonight to try City ID for 10-day trial.  Did the 4.3 update installs this garbage without asking me?


I also noticed other "new" programs after the 4.3 upgrade.  Why wasn't I asked first?


Since I cannot remove these unwanted programs, is stopping all I can do to turn them off?


Are any of these needed for 4.3 to run:


City ID

Ant Radio Services



Lookout Security

Trip Adivsor


Google Photos


If I wanted these I would have installed them myself.



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Re: Galaxy S4 4.3 update loaded unrequested software on my phone

Some of these were part of the 4.3 that came with the Note 3. Some might have been added by AT&T.

The Ant Radio Service was probably added by Samsung as that's a framework for talking to other devices that use that protocol. Lots of "health" devices especially running use the Ant framework.

I believe TripAdvisor was some partnership with Samsung so part of the update.

LookOut is a samsung thing as well.

Google Photos I think is part of the google apps that come with android, like gmail and hangouts.

Don't know about the others though.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

has anybody else tried to use this phone in the car dock after the update. It no longer will automatically open any car dock software like car dashboard or the eye bolt dashboard. It just goes into driving mode which does nothing.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

contacted online chat with Samsung. Had a good rep. Procedures to make the phone seem normal go as follows do a soft reset, which is pulling the battery while the phone is on leaving office 30 seconds then restarting phone. Then toggle your mobile data on off which is under settings data. The phone should be fine it also seem to fix the battery drain
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Wondering if there is a root avalable yet.  I have one app i purchase and use all the time and it requires root.   

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Android 4.3 update issues after upgrade on Galaxy S3


I just update my Android to version 4.3 provided by AT&T and I'm facing all kinds of problems, including reduced battery and big performance issue, the phone is very slow right now.



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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Yep they Pulled it off. Would not let me Post root web site at XDA

[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Maybe they will let it stay here for a little while rgrace110.
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