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Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3


Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

So I am a little bothered that I havent seen this topic on the front page with how popular the S3 was/is. The AT&T support staff tells me to check with samsung. Is this something we should look forward to or will it be skipped? Since we no longer can upgrade after 18 months it would be nice to at least get the newest software on time.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

I have not even seen this update and its almost few mouths later I called att and they don't know know what am talkimg about so theu told me too call samsung They said they can't do anything that att has to send me the update
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

You don't want it. Half baked update with more problems than fixes.
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Galaxy S3 4.3 Wifi/LTE issues

Please forgive me if this has been posted but I didn't see this anywhere already.


Ever since I updated to 4.3 I have the problem where my phone uses LTE over the wifi signal.  The only way to use wifi is to go in and disable data which gets annoying.  Has this been seen or solved?  I've checked every kind of connection setting to no avail.



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Re: Galaxy S3 4.3 Wifi/LTE issues

Hi dyu89,


I have personally not heard of this issue with the S3 having connectivity issues after the 4.3 update. Have you tried all the basic trobleshooting steps (Reset the Phone, Pull the battery out and SIM card wait 30 seconds and re-insert)?


I would recommend that you send a Private Message to  ATTCustomerCare is part of the AT&T customer service team, They may be able to resolve your Issue. You can expect a reply via return PM(Blue envelope top right of screen) between the hours of 7am-10pm CST Monday - Friday, should hear back within 2 to 3 business days.

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software update

hello, i am using samsung att mobile sgh-i747 in pakistan, i am trying to udate the firmware but failed to do it, its current firmware is 4.1.1. please help me to solve this issue.

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

pretty sure I solved the battery life problem on my S3 with 4.3... just uncheck "Use wireless networks" at Settings, More, Location services. You can leave the other two checkboxes on. I rebooted after changing the setting and went from a dead phone at 3pm everyday to 60% battery left when I go to bed.

While I can't really guarantee this helps everybody, I did do it scientifically enough for myself, going back and forth every few days, changing only this setting, and was able to repeat bad and good battery life.

I also noticed now that my phone no longer gets burning hot after a little bit of use, so that Google IP location service thing must have really been running in circles.

I guess the downside is now GPS lookup is slower because it has to wait for actual GPS lock, so the weather widget takes a while to update ever hour.
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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

Also, doesn't this mean that you're using your data plan for everything? AT&T's data plans are limited (unless you're grandfathered-in with an unlimited plan). Have you checked your data usage during this time?

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Re: software update

Hi malikifran,


You would have to attempt to update your device though Samsumg Kies is going to be the only way. The AT&T Software Updater will not work unless you are on AT&T's network in the United States, USVI or puerto rico. 


Hope This helps

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Plenty of issues with 4.3 on GS3, am I the only one with this issue?

Galaxy S3 issues. I have two major updates since getting this device. The first one all but killed the swype keyboard, it would take nesrly 5 seconds for the keyboard to appear when trying to text or put in web address. The next update fixed that issue but caused many more. My battery life is horrible, I lose nearly 30% in the first hour from making maybe two texts and one five min call. The phone is sluggish in nearly every task I use it for. Now the web browser will randomly stop loading pages, showing that the connectivity was lost. It has happened on Wi-Fi and mobile network, I repeatedly try over and over to load the page and nothing happens. I end up having to go to application manager and clear all the data from my browser and then it works again, same thing happens on third party browsers as well. Also the phone can't keep up with my typing speed, im not super fast but it seems the processor cant keep up. It completely froze up yeasterday and I had to do a battery pull. I loved this phone for a long time, now it's crap. I wish I had the phone I bought without all these updates that were desgined to make the user experience better... I have had to factory data reset twice in the past two weeks. I never had a single problem for a long time, now all I have is problems. on a side note this pbone has been babied, never wet, never dropped etc. still looks brand new, but runs horribly. I knpw others are having issues, anyone else having these problems?

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Re: Plenty of issues with 4.3 on GS3, am I the only one with this issue?

You're not the only one. People have had major issues with the buggy 4.3 update that AT&T pushed out on its subscribers. Here's a thread that I started on the battery issue:




And, if someone tells you that a Factory Reset will fix it - it won't. 

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SG3 and Android 4.3 Update - video size and face detection broken?

My apologies if this is a duplicate entry...


After a recent upgrade to 4.3 I notice that the (1) the video size on playback is really small and I can't zoom in and (2) the Smart Screen feature that keeps my phone 'awake' no longer registers that I'm actually looking at my screen (although I do see the little eye icon on the menu bar - it just never lights up like it did on the previous Android version).


Other than a factory reset are there any known fixes for these issues?



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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3

My Galaxy siii has had os 4.1.1 since I got it around December 2012.  If I check for software update it not only says that it is up to date, but above that it says software uppate interrupted.  Also, when I go to check for update, there is a grayed out box that says continue update.  If I press it nothing happens.  Does anyone know if this means an update started at some point ( I never started one myself) and it got stuck?  AT&T chat has been little help, except to say that the update will show up soon.  Samsung said the same.  Neither seemed concerned that I still have 4.1.1 when at least one other update has been put out there before 4.3 .  If anyone can help please do.  I have 2 friends with Verizon who have the update.  Smiley Tongue

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Re: Plenty of issues with 4.3 on GS3, am I the only one with this issue?

I am having major issues.  I hate how the flash light comes on when you receive a call.  I can't figure out how to turn this off.  Then I have to walk around with a battery charger in my hand at all times, my apps don't work correctly.  My screen goes blank, like its asleep.  I will answer a call and the screen goes blank on me and sometimes I can't get it back up and I have to take the battery out.  It freezes on me and I have to take the battery out.  My case doesn't even pop back together real good anymore because of how many times I have to take it off to take my battery out!!!!  

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Re: Galaxy s3 android update to 4.3, stock web browser remains open in the background.

I have been noticing that after the 4.3 update when I close out the stock web browser (using the back button, not the home key), it remains open in the background. Everytime I close out the web browser I have to go into application manager and end the task.  The stock web browser consumes up to 131 MB of ram when it remains open.  I never had this issue with 4.1.2.  Same thing with Google Play Music, and I never use it.  Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, have any fixes for this, or is this another thing to add to the long list of problems with this update?  From what I've heard in another forum post there is supposedly gonna be a bug fix coming at the end of the month or early February.  Hopefully it comes and that it isn't an AT&T employee blowing smoke. 

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samsung GS3 4.3 update failure. Who's to Blame?

After being on the phone with AT&T and Samsung, which they were playing the blame Game for over an hour 2 weeks ago on who's going to be blamed for the errors of the 4.3 update. The answer is BOTH!!!! Samsung rolled out the update , then each carrier finalizes it and makes it their own with alittle R & D from AT&T then off to consumers with a OTA update. First off, here is the Issues I am having: Auto Rotate of screen Freezes screen resulting in a reboot. Wifi unstable, massive battery drain, Bluetooth looses connection in car, apps unresponsive, browser hangs or stops all together. My Galaxy S3 was flawless before the update, now its a paper weight, unless I turn all features off. AT&T said they will fix my phone by doing a out of warranty repair for $199, or let me do an early upgrade. Nope. Sorry. Samsung wants me to send my phone to Texas and they said they will fix it but it may take 2 weeks. No loaner phone either. Nope sorry. I asked AT&T to send me a new or refurbished phone without the 4.3 update and they said NO. My phone is in mint condition. I am very meticulous about keeping it safe. AT&T will not take care of their legacy customers, so I decided to take care of myself. I will deduct and have already deducted what my cell phone monthly deal is off my family plan until AT&T sends me a new or refurbished phone or until the 4.3 error is resolved. CONSUMERS we have to stand up for ourselves and tell big companies that customer service does matter.
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