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Galaxy s III charging issue


Galaxy s III charging issue

I bought a GS3 during thanksgiving and it was working great. Couple of weeks ago, the charge would not stay. From 100% it would drop to 50% in new minutes. I had to switch off and restart the device to stop the drain. Also, the phone wont charge some times. I have to nudge the charge pin to start the charge process.


Couple of days later, I had the phone in my pocket and it started heating up. I could feel the heat on my thighs. I had to remove the battery for few minutes and put it back. Then I visited an AT&T store and the guy suggested that there might be a problem with the wall charger. I got a new charger and surprisingly it didn’t work at all. 


I called the device support and I was told the battery is the problem. They sent me a new one. The overheating stopped, but it’s still hard to charge the phone.


I am using  my original wall charger  (with difficulty in setting it up) and charging the phone. The same wall charger works for  a different HTC phone without issues (USB).

My car charger always works without any nudging. yesterday, I called the device support again, and I was told to factory reset my phone. I did that, but the wall charger takes very long than usual. 


Looking at all this, it appears there is a problem in the charge pin on the phone. I take good care of my phone.


I was told that I could get a replacement device and it’s only a reconditioned one. Not new. Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions, recommendations?


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Re: Galaxy s III charging issue

Had this problem with my iPhone 4 a week ago. The charging pins/prongs got bent when a family member yanked the charger out of my phone. I was able to fix the charging port, but it wouldn't charge above 30% on one of my 3 chargers. I tried a different charger, and it works fine, now.

Can you see any physical signs of damage in the charging port? Look closely, as the components are very small. Use a flashlight if necessary.

I would try one more charger before sending it in for replacement. If you have a laptop computer/USB port on your computer, try charging the phone from there. That would rule out any wall charger/outlet issues.

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Re: Galaxy s III charging issue

Wild Banchi,

      Thanks for the quick response. I tried 3 different USB charges(2 Samsung Chargers, 1 HTC charger) at home. For 2 of them (both Samsung), I need to nudge more and for 1 (HTC) I need to nudge less (currently using this). However, the USB in my car (Motorola) doesn’t seem to have any issues. It snaps tight then any USB I have a home. 


Also, I visited my Friend’s  this week and I had to use his HTC one, which worked great as well. You can see the charger snaps securely than the Samsung ones.


It’s really weird that all Samsung ones are causing issues.


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Re: Galaxy s III charging issue

Well, if I were you, I would just buy an HTC charger if it's working well instead of using the Samsung ones. Smiley Tongue

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