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Galaxy S4 text/call problem


Galaxy S4 text/call problem

Anyone else have the issue of texts/calls not coming through until you send a text. After sending a text, I get spammed with all my missed texts (like that one commercial) and they're all time stamped appropriately? 

e.g. I send a text at 3:40 after no texts for 30 minutes. After that text is sent, you receive 4 text messages timestamped 3:15, 3:18, 3:30, and 3:35. Am I the only one with this issue?! When I initially started having this issue, I went to a dealer and got my SIM swapped out; it got so bad that I had to warranty out my GS4. I just got a new GS4 not too long ago, was hoping it would remedy this problem, and it didn't.


My phone is all stock, I have factory reset it, and it still has the same issue. I reset my phone every morning as well.


Is there a tower outtage in the Las Vegas area? I have a screenshot before I received texts and a screenshot after I sent a text. The only reason why I knew I had texts waiting for me was because I was messaged on Facebook and told to check my phone. I checked it, didn't receive anything, and sent my dummy text. That dummy text unblocked 2 texts that were waiting to be sent to me.


Am I the only person experiencing this issue?

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Re: Galaxy S4 text/call problem

I think I figured out what the issue was after Googling the problem. The person I'm texting is on Verizon and I haven't received any of the 8 texts that the person has sent. She can receive my texts but I normally can't receive hers until I send a dummy text. I've sent 6 dummy texts and have reset my phone and still nothing.


After Googling "att and verizon texting problem" the first hit was

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Re: Galaxy S4 text/call problem

I don't know if you noticed, but the entire message thread you mentioned was from 2008. Also, it doesn't quite appear to reflect the exact same problem.


If the problem is still happening, you need to contact AT&T and your Verizon friend should contact them. One or the other carrier is at fault, but the only way to find out which one is to work from both ends of the problem.


Is your S4 connected to a 4G/LTE tower, or a regular 3G tower? That might have something to do with it.

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Re: Galaxy S4 text/call problem

Oh, oops, I didn't notice.


It's connected to a 4G/LTE. I contacted AT&T, they said nothing is wrong with my phone but they sent me a new GS4 by warranty. Before doing that, I went to the dealer and got the SIM replaced. It hasn't happened for a few except for one night. While I wasn't receiving texts from my Verizon friend, I texted 2 other people. It's definitely not my phone because the 2 people were able to text me back immediately. I'll let my friend know to call Verizon.


Thanks for your response!

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Re: Galaxy S4 text/call problem

Did you get this problem resolved? What was causing it?

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