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Galaxy S3 issue with Texting photos (but only sometimes?)


Galaxy S3 issue with Texting photos (but only sometimes?)

I have a Galaxy on the pre-pay plan with AT&T. I send pictures regularly through text (10 plus a day to moms- I watch kids).. anyways. Some days the picture will go straight through and then two minutes later my next text will spin for two hours before completly sending. And then somtimes it fails. My signal bar at the top does this (above the arrows?) it will read "3g" "H" or "H+". I normally experience texting issues when the H or H+ is present. But it does cycle through those three indications all the time. I've transfered in from a straighttalk plan and didn't experience this issue on their network. I have reset the phone, I've resent messages, and have restarted the phone to no avail. Nothing works. I have internet access and other data options work on the phone. What is the issue? Thanks..

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Re: Galaxy S3 issue with Texting photos (but only sometimes?)

I've had this problem with other phones in the past (not just the S3). I found that it seems to be caused by having too many messages, and fixed itself after I deleted a bunch of them. If you have a lot of messages laying around (hundreds), then this fix may work for you.

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