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Galaxy S3 information on update to 4.1.2?


Galaxy S3 information on update to 4.1.2?

I was just curious if AT&T has any information about the update to 4.1.2? I know there was some information regarding "product testing" for 4.1.1 and was curious if there's any such news for the 4.1.2 update.

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Re: Galaxy S3 information on update to 4.1.2?

I have been with AT&T since 1997.  They are almost always the LAST to provide updates and often skip offering updates.  This is the single biggest thing I hate about AT&T.  They should be willing to support their phones with updates because, if nothing else, it will create customer loyalty and also updates generally add extra load to a phone which in turn slows them down which in turn motivates us to buy newer faster phones. 

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