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Galaxy S3 *home* button won't answer calls


Galaxy S3 *home* button won't answer calls


I set up the option to have the *home* button answer calls, but it doesn't work. It has worked once or twice in the past, but no more.


The setting is accessed through settings; system; accessibility; answering/ending calls; answering key.


Anyone else have the same problem or know a work-around?

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Re: Galaxy S3 *home* button won't answer calls

Linda Jo,


Hello and welcome to the forum. I set my phone up to have the *home* button answer calls and after 15 test calls it's still functioning properly. I would suggest turning off/on that setting and also a restart on your phone will sometimes help these little glitches.



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Re: Galaxy S3 *home* button won't answer calls

Thanks for your response. I took the phone to a tech repair center and the
tech was able to duplicate the problem. I had really brought it in for a
"Sim Card Removed" error I have suddenly started getting. He couldn't find
anything wrong with the Sim card or the Sim tray, but because of the Home
key not answering the calls, he replaced my phone.

Now, the Home key works to answer calls, but that mysterious "Sim Card
Removed" error reappeared within hours of leaving the repair center and has
happened twice in two hours.

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