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Galaxy S3 bluetooth issues


Galaxy S3 bluetooth issues

I was looking to see if anyone here has the same issue as me.  I have a samsung hm3300 bluetooth headset and it connects to my s3 but if I put it in my pocket it cuts out frequently, it realy only works within about 16" of the device.  It worked fine when I had 4.0 on my phone but when it upgraded to 4.1 it developed this issue.  I know its not the bluetooth device because my Nexus 7 can be about 3 rooms away and still connected and listening to music.  I followed the troubleshooting guide and nothing helps.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Galaxy S3 bluetooth issues

I tough that was the onli one whit this issue I have tried several diferent Bluetooth headsets and still the same I tink I will have to contact samsung about this
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