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Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain


Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

I was on ICS until this weekend when I updated to Jelly Bean.

My Battery usage was working fine or normal.

After the update I am getting terrible battery use.

I have tried closing, diabling all apps, radios (even though I should not need to)

But my battery keeps draining at a rate of 10% and hour!

All this without any use.

Just in standby

In the settings, under battery it show my main power consumption is SCREEN.

I dont know how!

When the screen is off, I dont have a video wallaper and when I do power up the screen its so DIM I can hardley see anything.

All this happened after the Jelly Bean update!

Any idea on what I can do?




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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

I am also having the same problem of quick battery drain.  There are a lot of unneeded applications in the update that

have caused excess battery drain in part.  Look at your battery usage details in settings and you will probably see a lot

of usage by Screen or Media, even though you don't abuse them at all.


Try to uninstall apps that you can do without as we will all have to tweak our phones until we get better results.

There are debloater apps out there, but be careful as often they delete apps that you will want to keep.

The full upgrade was about 750MB, which is a huge amount of apps and services being installed, many of which

start at boot, all of which drain the battery.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

Check my post on page 2 of the other battery drain post for a solution
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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

I have the same issue. For me, disabling the animated desktops that came as part of JB update did the trick. Hope this helps you too. JK
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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean battery drain

Same here with my S3 (not rooted).  Took it off the charger this morning and after 4m8s the battery was at 89%.  Screenshot below.  Killed all tasks rebooted, and battery was at 78%.  Terrible and this only started after the JB update. 


I have another issue since the JB update with reboots due to SIM card errors but I will look for another thread on that.


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