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Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

If you goto Edit Pages from Menu Button and click Edit Page.. Then if you try to remove a page from the group of screens (pages).. it says TouchWiz Error and also no updates for Camera found in this release and also other issues associated with the relese.. I am not sure maybe ATT released the Jelly Bean out of the blue.. I call this a Toilet paper Release...

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

After having tried everything under the sun, I was finally resigned to the idea that I might have to replace the hardware and turn it in for a refurb.  The local store rep suggested that I work with the AT&T Device Support folks, who would be able to reflash the phone.  i.e. Emergency Recovery (which I tried a couple times) is not the same in that it leaves remnants of old apps around.  After the reflash, all was rock solid for a few days.  I began trickling in my apps, one by one.  


Life was good until I started running the last app that I installed. I loaded Pocketcast and downloaded a couple of podcasts.  All was quiet until I got in my car, paired with my Satechi Soundfly and started listening to a podcast.  10 minutes into my ride and the phone reboots.  Got to work and the phone rebooted a couple more times.  I uninstalled Pocketcast and "unpaired" the Soundfly with no success....the phone rebooted 5 more times in the next couple hours. Brought it back to the Device Support folks who reflashed it again.


All is quiet.  I'll run it without Pocketcast for another week and then pair it with the Soundfly...maybe listen to some music.  If all stays quiet, I'll know it's the app;  if not, I'll know it's the Soundfly.  If not for the fact that it was stable when it was ICS, I'd start suspecting the onboard bluetooth.


In any case, I'll post my findings over the next week or so.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues back with an update. 


Reflashing worked temporarily...but status returned to random reboots.  I have since replaced the phone twice with no success. But I now think that I'm closing in on the problem components.  I don't believe there's a silver bullet.  Rather, there are multiple targets.  I turned off wifi and bluetooth.  I then enabled bluetooth and paired only to my headset for phone calls (no media streaming).  It's been over 10 hours with no reboots or freezing (where reboots every 2-3 hours was typical). 


So...In summary....When ICS, all was stable.  When updated to JB, random reboots and freezing.  Reboots occurred on several wireless routers.  After reflashing and unit replacement, only the last actions have stabilized the phone...turn off wifi and no bluetooth media streaming on Satechi Soundfly (although my Nexus 7 works fine with it).  I believe the issue to be a firmware problem and only an update will resolve assuming that Google and/or Samsung acknowledges it.  I'm especially concerned that this be resolved soon since turning off wifi as a workaround can put a strain on my data plan.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

To recap with similar problems as Rickalodeon, my device was stable with ICS.  Following the upgrade to JB I also had the reboots and freezing.  Mine was definitely tied with wireless, as I could simply turn wireless off and have the freeze.  Moving out of an area with wireless could also cause a freeze/reboot.


I got to the point of running without wireless at all, and then my device was stable -- no freezes or reboots, but I expect to use wireless for at least some of my data.  I would think that ATT would rather that I use wireless to have less bandwidth used on their network as well (minus their incentive to have me pay for more data).


I have elected to run through the reset scenario one more time to see if I can isolate the problem with a particular app or change.  Before doing a reset, I uninstalled applications that had been installed to see if removal of any application fixed the problem... but that did not work.  I also tried several wireless fix-it programs, and none worked.  


My device went through a reset at the end of last week.  For the moment I am trying to minimize changes and tracking everything I do, testing wireless at most steps along the way to see if the symptoms change.  I have done a group of changes every day to spread the changes, and rebooted once each day to get a clean start after a bunch of changes.  So far so good...

  • device reset
  • installed and using Chrome for the browser
  • added wireless access to the same three systems that were used before
  • Updated Google apps (search, Play*)
  • Updated ATT bloatware (messages, navigator, MyATT) but not using most of them for the moment
  • Updated Samsung apps
  • Updated remaining apps like YouTube, YP Local Search, Flipboard, most of which I do not use anyway
  • For work, put Good back on and configured to receive corporate email.

It has only been a few days, but things are stable.


Unfortunately, it feels like the slightest change (not necessarily installing/updating a package) could trigger the freezes again.  I am going to hold off on installing most of the other apps for a while to see if things remain stable.


Although this is Android, if it was a wider spread problem I would think we would be seeing broader reports on the scenario that ATT/S3.  It is disappointing that either ATT or Samsung would allow their wireless implementation to be impacted somewhere along the line if this is tied to applications doing something at some point.  I am no longer using the device to its full potential for concerns that the freeze/reboots will come back.  This is definitely something that ATT or Samsung need to address.


I will post an update once I have more observations.... 

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

marker_this.....We are now connected in this universe in that I have experienced and gone down the very same road as you.  I have also come to the conclusion that wifi is the culprit.  I did the slow trickle of apps into a new phone, but reached the spontaneous reboot problem within a couple days of receiving a new phone.  Here are some of my observations:

  • wifi acts differently and reboot frequencies are inconsistent depending on the access point. 
    • At work (802.1x EAP) the inbound side is always lit up and reboots occur most frequently (2-3 per hour) 
    • At home (Uverse 2Wire router with WPA2) the inbound side is always lit up and reboots were less frequent than at work (1-2 per hour)
    • At sister-in-laws (Linksys router with WPA2) both sides acted normally and reboots occurred but very infrequently.
  • I added another access point to my home network to play with security settings:
    • Unsecured - no reboots but froze when I turned off wifi
    • Unsecured with MAC filtering - same as Unsecured
    • WEP - same as Unsecured
    • WPA and WPA2 - reboot frequency same as usual (1-2 per hour)


My last test was with Wifi alway on.  i.e. "Never" sleeps.  i.e. If it never goes to sleep or has to reconnect, the rebooting stops.  However, if I wander out of range, it will freeze.  If I resist the temptation to force reboot, it will reboot on its own.


At this point, I feel like my options are:

  • go with Never Sleeps and let it reboot between reconnections
  • turn off wifi, increase data plan limits
  • hope for 4.1.2 or 4.2 to fix wifi bug
  • root phone and update to 4.2 myself
  • throw in the towel and go with another phone



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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

Update:  Just when I think I've tried everything, I find yet another component to SIM card.  I found a buried post on the web that spoke to this possibility.  As I look back on this thread, I see some reference to SIM card errors.  I may be grasping at straws, but here's my latest test...

  • watched carefully as I turn off wifi.  Just as the 4G indicator pops up, the phone freezes.  A couple minutes later, it reboots.  Turned wifi back on...all is fine.  Turn wifi off again with same freeze/reboot experience.  Repeated this 5 times...exactly the same results each time.  I even tried a "Forget" of the wifi network connection..same soon as wifi is unavailable, it freezes during the transition to 4G.
  • I have a new and refurb S3.  The refurb had the same reboot problems as the new one.  Connected it to wifi without the SIM card.  No issues.  Did the drive into work with both phones.  The SIM card equipped phone did what I expected...rebooting when I left home and shortly after connecting to wifi when at work.  The phone without the SIM card never skipped a beat...playing a podcast all the way.

Hypothesis:  Wifi stability varies from router to router (work, home, in-laws).  If the wifi loses connection for a moment, the phone attempts to go back to 4G, the phone freezes and reboots.  The phone comes back, connects back to wifi and keeps going until the next momentary connection incident.


Any thoughts?  Does this sound far fetched?  With nothing to lose, I'm going to see if AT&T will replace my SIM card.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

Update:  Replaced SIM card.  No success.  (Was able to recreate the problem right in front of the AT&T rep, who couldn't understand it either).


I've even gone into Service Mode and restricted cell data to 2G and 3G...still no success.


Called Samsung....after over an hour of hold time between two calls, I got in touch with Level 2 who will be sending me instructions for me to send them one of my S3's for evaluation and repair.


I can't wait to see what they find....or if they do find something, if they'll tell me what it was (I'm assuming they won't be able to explain how 3 phones that I've had in my possession could have the same problem).

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

Final Update:  SUCCESS!!!


I decided that I would send Samsung the refurb S3 that exhibited the same problem as my new one.  Before I would do so, I thought I would fire it up with the new SIM (that I just received) to recreate the problem - so that I could claim that it froze/rebooted just before I sent it.  To my surprise, it didn't.  In fact, it was stable for the next two reboots at all.  There were two variables that made it different from when it was rebooting: 1) a new SIM card, 2) I did a Factory Data Reset just before I put it away (when I went to the new phone).


So...I decided that I would do a Factory Data Reset of the new phone and reinsert the new SIM.  It's been stable all day.  By now, it would have rebooted every time the status of the wifi connection changed.


The solution for my several month journey:  remove SIM, Factory Data Reset the phone, reinsert a new SIM card.


Unsolved mystery: Why the problem started after the ICS to JB update;  and how would a bad SIM card corrupt something in the system.


I hope this helps.  When all is said and done, the S3 is an outstanding smartphone.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean - Issues

It appears that I had a different problem than Rickalodeon.


The offender has been identified.  Surprise, it is an AT&T app:  AT&T Voicemail Viewer.  


After going through a factory reset and tracking everything I do (not just app installs but when enabling any feature in an app...) it appears that the problem child was "AT&T Voicemail Viewer" which was an app that I enjoyed.  Silly me, when I had the problem and went through uninstalling apps before the factory reset, I had not done the ATT apps since I figured those were solid.  Doh!


Here are comments from the Google Play store -- other user comments on the ATT Voicemail Viewer app:

  • After updating to Samsung / AT&T stock JB 4.1.1 ROM this app causes my phone to freeze or lockup all the time. The phone (or maybe just TouchWiz) always freezes when leaving a WiFi network or when disabling WiFi.
  • Causes my S3 to lock up and or reboot frequently. Only just now figured this out thanks to other reviews.
  • It locks up and resets the phone and disconnects wifi and/or bluetooth.
  • As soon as I installed my s3 started freezing and rebooting.
  • This app continues to lock up the phone and cause a reload when network connectivity changes.
  • Version still causing random lockups and reboots on ICS 4.1.1
  • I have a note 2 that was constantly freezing and rebooting. I read in a forum that if I uninstall this app the problem will go away. Since I've uninstalled, my phone has worked flawlessly.
  • Everytime I download this crashes my phone and resets it. The crash happens when I switch from wifi to 4G. I've trouble shooted the situation and it all traced back to this application.
  • Phone locked up when leaving WiFi. After 4 months and 3 new phones, nailed it to this application.
  • My GS3 has been driving me crazy resetting whenever I turn WiFi off of am out of range of WiFi. It took me a LONG time to isolate the problem to THIS app.
  • On Samsung Galaxy S3 it will lock the phone then reboots when wifi is activated or deactivated. Unistalled the no issues afterwards.
  • Do not install. Freezes/crashes phone (GS3) constantly.
  • It took a long time to figure out why my S3 kept freezing and rebooting. This app was the problem! It caused my phone to lock every time I left a WiFi connection.
  • Had to uninstall from my stock ATT SGS3 due to random reboots, lockups and even a boot loop when going from WiFi to LTE. I factory reset 3x because of this app. I did not suspect it until someone mentioned it on XDA. Once I uninstalled this app, my phone was perfect.
  • When installed on Galaxy SIII, causes phone to lock and reboot when going from Wi-Fi environment to 4G or vice versa. Took me 3 phones to figure this out. Uninstalled and now phone works as it should.
  • My phone randomly reboots and freezes with this app installed. Galaxy S3 4.1.1
  • Finally identified this app as the one causing my Galaxy 3S to lock up and have to restart every time I left range of the wifi at home.

... there are more reports, but hopefully you get the idea of the problems -- reboots after changes to the network state.


The reports of the reboots tied with network state change go back to January.  It is disappointing that AT&T has not addressed the problem with their application.


The network changes match my scenario of triggering the freezes and reboots..  I miss using the application (Ireally liked reading texts of msgs left on voicemail), but I do not miss the reboots.

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