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Galaxy S3 Battery problem


Galaxy S3 Battery problem

I've had my phone for about 4 months now and I've been happy until about 5 days ago the battery suddenly started tanking. Prior to that, I could literally go to bed listening to about 30 minutes of music queued up, get up, go to work come home, and be ready to charge. Now if it is not plugged in, it goes from 100%-0 in about 4-5 hours, even sitting idle in my pocket.

The only app I had recently installed was a calculator app, so hey I uninstalled it. No change. Made sure various things like email syncs were longer periods(but I had never had problems before with the current settings). Made some changes, no change. Changed every setting relating to power, LTE, gps, brightness, you name it. No change. I did a factory reset. No change, even after not installing any other apps.

If it is relevant, I'm on Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and as I type this the  top 4 processes by CPU usage are at any given time:






It also seems to charge abominably slow compared to before, so other than any suggestions, I have two questions.


1) When I look at battery use why would an app often show when its not running or updating?

2) Am I pretty much screwed and need to buy a new battery?

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Re: Galaxy S3 Battery problem

I had the same problem.Someone told me me to download advanced task killer in google play. Once installed, go into the settings of the app and choose the option to kill apps very often. This gets rid of background processes that are not important. It helps save a lot of battery. 

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Re: Galaxy S3 Battery problem

I am having the exact same problem, and it seems to be the android system that is sucking up my battery.  For me it started at the end of last week.  Before this I could use my phone all day and still have approx 40% left when I went to bed.  Now by 11am I'm at 40%, even if I've just had my phone in my pocket not using it.  I think it must be a bad update but I haven't figured out which one it was yet. 

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Re: Galaxy S3 Battery problem

Task killer doesn't help mine.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Battery problem

Go into settings, than Battery. That should show you what is draining your battery. Your GS3 has a task killer built in, which is why the ones on Google Play aren't much help. when on the Home Screen, press and hold the Home button for about 3 seconds. The list of things you openned should be there. Just slide them over to the left to remove fromthe list. You also should see three soft keys on the bottom. Task Manager, Google, and Trash Bin. Open the Task Mgr (Left Soft Key). press the Active Applications Tab. that will show if anything is open. after that, hit the RAM Tab, which opens the RAM Mgr. Press Clear RAM and watch how many apps close.

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Re: Galaxy S3 Battery problem

That didn't work for me either ... I had already done this and used GSam Battery Monitor Pro to see what was draining it.  It was the Android Kernel and Android System that was using the majority of the battery.


I ended up just turning the phone completely off and  re-booting.


This has fixed the problem.


Per GSam, I'm back up to a predicted 36 hours with a full charge, which is normal for my phone.


When I was having the problem, It was only lasting about 7 hours.  My phone was also running hotter than normal for some reason when it was having the problem.  After I re-booted, it has also not gotten hot one time.

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