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Galaxy S3 4.3 Unlock question


Galaxy S3 4.3 Unlock question

While I am still fighting with the problems introduced on my S3 by the 4.3 OTA update, I was wondering if I bit the bullet, paid the ETF, and got my phone unlocked, can I then blow away the current rom and put something else on it  ?

My fear is that even if I get it unlocked, I'm stuck with the software on it due to the Knox component that was put on in the update.

Right now, paying another 5 months worth of bills @ $100+/month versus $150 in ETF and being able to use the phone on another carrier just seems silly.

I guess that worst case, I'd have an unlocked S3 that I could sell, which would cover my ETFs fairly well.


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Re: Galaxy S3 4.3 Unlock question

Oh well, after another fruitless hour on the phone with AT&T Care, where they blame Samsung for everything and basically told me I have no choice but to suck it up, I'm moving to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile will pay my ETF - and I get a new phone, my wife gets a new phone, we have 3 times as much data, and we'll be paying less than I was paying AT&T in the first place.


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