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Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode


Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Recently, I noticed that my phone shuts off while in sleep mode. This just happens when I don't check it for a while and the display is turned off. When I do go to check my phone, it's unresponsive, even if I hold down the power button. So far, I've had to remove the batter every time this has happened in order to reboot it.

I just don't get what the issue is. I'm probably missing phone calls because I'm not even aware that my phone is turning off. I feel like after the ICS update my phone has had issues. I already performed a factory reset last week since I was having a problem with the notifications not ringing and vibrating, and now, this is happening on top of that. 

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i777.

Oh, and another thing, I noticed that my batter is at 95-100% before it shuts off by itself, and once it boots up again it's down to 85-89%. I also feel like it might be an issue with overheating: I noticed that my phone feels hot after I've been using it for a while, like texting or using the internet, and then I set it down to do other stuff when I notice that it's turned off. My phone usually feels really hot too, and the case I have for my phone probably does not help either. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

So wanted to share my situation and outcome since I've been monitoring this forum for the past month+.  Basically, I've had the random restarts happening since the beginning of the year.  It seemed to start once I went from LauncherPro to GoLauncher.  I updated the phone to 4.0.4 and it only got worse.  Note - whether the launcher was actually to blame I have no idea at this point.  In any case, I reset the phone to factory defaults, removed/disabled all bloatware including ATT apps/processes, the dual clock, power savings, etc.  The phone seemed to work fine (for weeks even), then I went and reinstalled LinkedIn along with a few other random news apps.  This completely crippled my phone to the point where today, even after uninstalling the apps to try and get my phone to where it was stable; the phone restarts after any attempt to check voicemail, texts, anything.  I'm talking completely useless, bricked, 24x7. 


At this point, having a dead phone, my only option was to complain to ATT support along with attempt to root.  After talking with Omesha along with her supervisor Chris, I was able to work out the following deal:


1. Bill for month of March was credited 100% (savings = $150+)

2. ATT committed to waiving my upgrade fee to purchase a new phone (upgrade not eligible until May 2013)

3. ATT committed to discount'ing the S4 upon release to public via ATT (Omesha took my LAN # since my S2 is now dead and will call back once the S4 is available.  Whether this will become reality is anyone's guess)


Of course, this still leaves me without a functioning phone.  Will attempt to root (having never rooted/flashed/ROM'd in the past)


That's it.  Again wanted to share in case anyone was interested having followed the struggles for sometime.


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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Ok, I just updated to 4.0.4 a couple days ago... stupid me, I only just now found this thread.


Sure enough, I'm having the sod problem and it NEVER happened before the upgrade.


Clearly this is a known issue that is crippling people's phones.


AT&T and Samsung need to send out an update that fixes this. This is ludicrous.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I just submitted my complaint to the BBB. You can do it via an online form. Took about 5 minutes.  I encourage others to do the same.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I too have lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I held off doing so for a long, long time as I had faith that AT&T would eventually cough up a fix.  It would now appear as though this is not going to occur.  The lack of a response by AT&T is appalling and baffling.


My next step will be to contact the Ohio Attorney General's office to file a similar complaint.  What else would AT&T have us do?  Three months into this we have semi-worthless, less than dependable phones and seemingly no hint of a fix or resolution in sight.  Unbelievable.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Today I got fed up with another SOD that drained my battery, so I decided to call AT&T tech support to simply register my issue.  Conclusion, waste of my valuable time.


Solutions offered:

1)  Do a master factory reset, that will fix it.

2)  Let me transfer you to Samsung, they will fix it.

3)  Your phone is out of warranty, so we can let you do an early upgrade, there is a fee of 200 dollars.   LOL LOL

4)  Ok, so to get back to 4.0.3 you have to do the alternate master reset, in which you hold down both volume buttons and the power button, and then scroll ont he menu to do a Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

5)  Our floor support staff cannot access the ATT forums, so we cannot see the post to the problem you are describing.

6)  I understand your frustration, I would be frustrated as well, so consider the early upgrade.


Bingo.  Good bye, AT&T.  I will research who has better coverage in my area, and will transfer my two phones and take from AT&T another 130 dollars a month from their pocket.  While I'm at it, goodbye Samsung--as much as I don't prefer iphones, my wife's iphone has no problems of this magnitude.



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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode



If you're leaving AT&T don't forget to get a code from them to unlock your phone.


Once you've done that - root and flash something good onto it. That SGS2 is perfectly good hardware and with the right software will serve you well. I have SuperNexus running on mine and couldn't be happier with its performance.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

@partymonkey you can get a code to unlock a ATT phone??????
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I've disabled almost everything I can find, but the longest I've gone is about 3 days without SOD. Of course it died twice that day and now has gone another 40 hours. I'm just sort of waiting for it to crash which is ridiculous. I've had no luck with powering it off as my record is no 20 minutes after powering it down and restarting, it went SOD. So, I'm at a loss. Time to restart the complaint cycle I guess.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

So I have to give AT&T a bit of credit for helping me out, but that still leaves thousands of you out there without a fix.  I successfully reach out via private message to some of the community forum managers about my issues, and that resulted in one of the Social Media managers contacting me directly.  I'm going to be nice, and not directly post their contact info - but you can likely dig it up yourself.


Anyway - they were very, very helpful (unlike calling the 800 tech support lines - forget that). 

I'm now holding a brand new SIII without any charges - but I did up my contract for another two years (I've been with them for 15+ years, so no surprise there).  A working phone with no extra charges - very nice.  My advice is be persistant, and reach out multiple ways, and hopefully you'll get the right individual who can waive the charges and get you a working phone also.


That said I'm still not 100% happy on two fronts:

1) I still like the SII better - I'm a guy who carries it in my front pocket, and the SIII is just a little bit too big for my taste.  I'm glad I have a working phone, so thank you AT&T... but I still like the SII better....


2) I really wish they handled the situation better, and took care of the thousands of affected people without each of us, one by one, having to get relief from the occassional nice employee.  The Social Media team is trying to do damage control - they are great - but the Engineering team blew this big time - and the fix is way, way, way overdue. 

Honestly, some Engineering manager should be fired for blowing this... and if they can't identify who easily, then some Director/VP should be fired for lack of clear accountability within their Engineering orginzation over who is responsible, and how quickly they need to respond to issues affecting tens of thousands or more users.


So thank you AT&T for my fix!  Good luck to the rest of the folks on this forum - ask for a new phone - keep asking.  Hopefully someone in engineering is held accountable and fired, so the rest of the team learns that this is unacceptably poor performance.  And god bless the engineer who finally releases a fix to 4.0.4 that makes our SII phones work again!!!!



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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Great it's now March the 9th and still no fix.   So instead of updating software or giving us JB they (being AT&T) are just going to leave us all hanging.  It must be nice to have such a profitable business that you can just ignore customers with crippled phones.  Worse than that what little response we have seen is piecemeal.  Some customers get new phones, some are talked into buying new phones and most of us, who really liked our S 2's, are just left here with no recourse and no help.


Three months now.  I'm going to try for a like and similar credit from AT&T.  I'll bet that their response to that question or request will be a much faster no!.   FIX MY PHONE THAT I'M PAYING FOR you giant uncaring conglomerate.

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Another odd behavior

Has anyone noticed mysterious re-boots of their phone?  As in, you know you didn't reboot it but it has been.


Since the SOD thing started, I've been in the habit of occasionally checking the Status to see what the Up Time Hours are.  The best way to be sure how long it's been since an SOD episode.


At first, I wasn't sure what to think.  But I'm seeing things like Up Time of 10:24:45 when I know it has been at least 30 hours since an SOD or I intentionally reset the phone.  It's as if some mystery force (ATT??) is sneaking in and restarting the phone.  None of the SOD symptoms... battery not warm, phone still active and fine and battery not run down.  But, clearly it has been rebooted when I wasn't looking.


Anyone else seeing spontaneous galaxy reboot?  Oh, and trademark... "SGR"  Smiley Happy

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What to expect from AT&T

Well here is a response from Kevin (Customer Appeals Manager  AT&T) about my complaint to the BBB. AT&T truly does not think they are responsible for the SII debacle and expect us to foot most of the bill (in other words, you can get a phone at a slight discount but have to extend your contract another 2 years, etc. Here is what Kevin stated:


"Research regarding this matter shows there is a product advisory for the reported issue and AT&T is offering warranty replacement if the device is in the 12 month warranty period. Mr. XXXXX's device is outside of the warranty period making him ineligible for warranty replacement. A review of his account shows he is not eligible for standard upgrade pricing until May 2013. In an effort to address this matter Mr. XXXXX has been offered an exception that will allow him standard upgrade pricing, however he has declined.

I spoke with Mr. XXXXX on March 4, 2013 and discussed his concern(s). I explained that AT&T is aware of the issue and that if his device was under warranty it could be replaced through AT&T's warranty replacement program. In an effort to address his concern I explained that AT&T is offering standard upgrade eligibility pricing to assist in this matter and depending on the make and model of the device selected would determine his out of pocket expense. Mr. XXXXX did not agree this was a favorable offer."


[edited for privacy]

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Re: What to expect from AT&T

Well.  There you go.  It's official.  We are all nuts and our phones, that worked fine before 4.0.4, are really not [Edited to comply with Guidelines]  It is all a figment of our imaginations that as soon as the upgrade was pushed all these fine individuals phones all went sleepy bye all by themselves.  Thank you for clearing that up for all of us AT&T.


I also received a call from AT&T reference my BBB complaint.  Strangely I never received any calls, texts, or emails from any of the many postings on this forum where we are supposed to seek help.  I was working so I missed the call until later.  I called the number given at around 3 in the afternoon Friday but got voice mail.  I can only guess that AT&T will report back that they tried to contact me and could not.


I know I sound bitter and for that I apologize to all of you who read these posts.  It is readily apparent that after giving AT&T the benefit of the doubt they have absolutely no intention to fix this problem.  Frustration, anger and disappointment are the feelings I have towards a company I have been with 20 years.  Loyalty to your customer is truly a thing of the past.  


At this point I have no idea what to do.  I suppose we are to just take one up the old wazzoo and search for a new provider and purchase their phones.  I did so very much love our Galaxy S 2's.  They were the perfect size.  They performed well and my wife and I came to depend on them to stay connected to work, elderly parents, friends, children and grand children all across the USA.   If these phones cannot be depended on or trusted to work properly than they are worthless.


Even if I get brave enough to root these phones would I want to stay with a company that shows so little concern for it's customers.  The bottom line is it's just not right.  Next stop the Ohio Attorney General's Office.  There has to be something we can do to right this wrong other than to just walk away and let AT&T shirk their responsibilities to paying customers.


Angry in sunny, but still cold, Ohio.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Mine froze twice today within 2 hours...Thanks for the help AT&T.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Same issues as everyone else, on the 4th exchange, and getting no where with them. I assume they have enough customers so losing some doesn't matter to them. I just want the phone fixed or a new one since they are to blame. Hopefully these forums will help me to find my way to do so.
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