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Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode


Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Recently, I noticed that my phone shuts off while in sleep mode. This just happens when I don't check it for a while and the display is turned off. When I do go to check my phone, it's unresponsive, even if I hold down the power button. So far, I've had to remove the batter every time this has happened in order to reboot it.

I just don't get what the issue is. I'm probably missing phone calls because I'm not even aware that my phone is turning off. I feel like after the ICS update my phone has had issues. I already performed a factory reset last week since I was having a problem with the notifications not ringing and vibrating, and now, this is happening on top of that. 

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i777.

Oh, and another thing, I noticed that my batter is at 95-100% before it shuts off by itself, and once it boots up again it's down to 85-89%. I also feel like it might be an issue with overheating: I noticed that my phone feels hot after I've been using it for a while, like texting or using the internet, and then I set it down to do other stuff when I notice that it's turned off. My phone usually feels really hot too, and the case I have for my phone probably does not help either. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Okay, so Maavalous posted some incredible battery stats. Does anybody else get anything close to that off the AT&T stock battery? You charge it to 100% and use it like Maavalous does (including some calls, some WiFi, some GPS, some web surfing, some weather checking - sounds like a lot of usage to me!!) and you still have 9% battery left 119 hours (5 days!!) later....I'm wondering if it's the new battery.


I have a new GS3 that is only about a month old and I have all the same apps disabled, I keep data, WiFi and Bluetooth off, I charged it to 100% and took it off the charger at 7am yesterday morning, no useage to speak of (I listened to one voicemail) and I am at 11% after 40 hours.


Unless I have everything turned off and put the phone in airplane mode, this is how the battery drains.


What about everyone else? Do I just have a bad battery??












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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

This update definitely fixes the SOD issue. Smiley Happy I wonder if we'll ever find out what was causing the SOD problem?

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Crashed their computers?  It's like "Independence Day" where they uploaded the virus to the mothership.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Yeah, it's been nice to feel confident that every time I go to turn the phone on, it turns on instead of being greeted by nothing.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I'm sure we'll never know the details unles the poor underpaid guy who actually fixed it decides to post it here.


But, here's what I have seen that tells me it was definitely something ATT had done... as far as I'm concerned, we had ATT malware on our phones.


During the painful months of trying to figure this out, one thing I took to checking on a regular basis was the Battery usage chart (when you tap the small chart and expand it).  The very first thing I saw after the update was a HUGE drop in the top line "Mobile network signal".  It went from nearly a solid bar to actually having gaps that corresponded to when the phone was asleep/idle.  We are talking a LOT of activity stopped and more accurately represented valid times for the signal to be active.


Makes one wonder... what was ATT doing??  Well, aside from draining our batteries...

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

To Linda Jo...


I think the S3 is a 4G-LTE phone correct?  In my never ending search for solutions to our S2 SoD problem, I found a lot of posts about LTE draining batteries.  1) It uses more power when active.  2) It wastes a lot of power searching for a signal if you move out of range of an LTE tower.  If fact, there are now apps out there with ability to force LTE phones to drop back to just 4G and improve battery life.


Just a thought...


Oh, for the most recent tests (as I noted) I am swapping back/forth between two batteries and using an external charger.  I think the external charger ($6 on the web) actually charges the batter much better than just plugging in the phone.  Plus, that means the phone gets a hard restart every time I swap.

Could be having some percentage of affect on my battery life but certainly NOT explaining all of why I'm having such luck.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

The fix they did does NOT resolve the screen of death issue. I still get it 3-5 times a day and when I reboot I typically see anywhere between 40% - 60% battery drain.

AT&T has been negligent in addressing this issue because they know most will upgrade their phones to get around the problem.

I'm waiting until my contract is up and going to another carrier since they've essentially breached the contract by pushing an update that created the problem. Then don't bother to fix it.

Good bye AT&T!
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

The update did fix the SOD for me (although my battery life hasn't been that great) and seems to have fixed a bunch of people's phones on here. I wonder why there are those remaining that it hasn't worked for.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

It has been exactly one week for me since I applied AT&T's patch and I have not experienced any more SODs.

The battery life seems good. AT&T had no issues issuing partial credit for 3 months.


Sorry to hear that some people still experience the problem. First and foremost make sure that the patch is applied to your phone, in Settings->About phone-> Baseband version should be I777UCLL6.

If not, you dont have latest version.


Somehow I think it is the same set of people that had SOD on 4.0.3 version of Android. I never had it on 4.0.3, it only started for me with 4.0.4. I think your best course of action is to push and get a replacement phone from AT&T.

good luck


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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

maxud wrote:


Somehow I think it is the same set of people that had SOD on 4.0.3 version of Android. I never had it on 4.0.3, it only started for me with 4.0.4. I think your best course of action is to push and get a replacement phone from AT&T.

good luck


Agreed Max.  I'd also add to make sure the update was the most recent version, from March.  Due to the SOD issue I received a refurbished S2.  It was on version 4.0.3.  When the most recent update was released, the update would not allow me to go from 4.0.3 to the release in March.  I had to apply the "bad" update from Dec '12, then apply the Mar '13 update.


When I applied the Dec '12 update I literally got a SOD within a couple hours.  After I applied the Mar '13 update I've had zero SODs.


My guess is those that are still experiencing SODs have only updated to the first version of 4.0.4.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

For those of you who received a replacement refurbished GS2, have you swapped out your SIM to use it in your original GS2 to update it? Then you'd have two working phones and you could sell one to recoup some of what you paid for service, and didn't receive, for the last three months. I'd really like to be able to apply the update to my GS2 because I use it for most of my game playing and I still get the occasional SOD, although without it searching for reception, I get great battery life. I only use it for WiFi - the rest of the time it's in Airplane Mode.


And for Maavalous, I found some YouTube videos on how to switch off the LTE radio and I did it yesterday. I will wait until the work week, so that I use it the way I usually use it during the week, to see if switching to "WCDMA All" improves the battery drain. My GS3 doesn't show a band indicator, so I have to assume I am off 4GLTE.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

For me, AT&T required that I send my old S2 back in order to get the refurbished phone.  They provided the shipping materials.  Not sure how you managed to keep your old phone Linda Jo.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

NormChar, I am not sure either, but I assume it's because I didn't have a contract since 2007 and they made me sign a new 2-year contract. I guess it's akin to the people who have gotten a credit on service for all or part of the three months it has taken AT&T to offer a remedy.


It was not offered outright. I was offered all the same alternatives as everybody else, but because I am the contact person for my father who is in Stage 4 kidney disease, I missed a full day of desperate phone calls, someone at AT&T recognized that after my 7 previous calls to AT&T throughout the 3 months, had my father not survived this incident, it would have resulted in a legal issue they wouldn't want to get into with me.


It just comes down to speaking with the right attitude to the right person.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

@Linda Jo

What you need is a micro sim adapter (cheap, $1.00 or less). The adapter is mini-sim sized and the center is cut out wherein you would insert the cut down micro sim in the center. Just insert the adapter in your SII and you're go to go. Your visit to AT&T to solve this problem was a joke (to put it nicely).


Go to GPlay and check out these two free apps - Simple Mobile Data Link and Data ON-OFF. I use them both on my SII (useless now)  and SIII. I'm on wifi only, no data plan.


Any accounts sync or apps updates - do them manually. It'll help your battery life.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

A few months ago, I had gotten an AT&T device store to roll my SOD-filled 4.0.4 version back to 4.0.3 to save my sanity with respect to missed calls.  Now that the "fixed" version of 4.0.4 has been out for over a week, I thought I'd upgrade.  So I did a check for updates and installed, only to find I'm back at the bug-filled version!  And now the updates mechanism tells me I'm current, and I cannot check for updates for another 23+ hours?


So, all this time later and AT&T is still serving up the bug-filled version and making people live with it for at least a day?


In case this is useful to anyone else:

Android version 4.0.4

Basband version I777UCLK3

Kernel version 3.0.15-I777UCKL3-CL1174199se.infra@SEP-112 #3 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 26 22:50:34 KST 2012

Build number IMM76D.CLK3




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