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Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode


Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Recently, I noticed that my phone shuts off while in sleep mode. This just happens when I don't check it for a while and the display is turned off. When I do go to check my phone, it's unresponsive, even if I hold down the power button. So far, I've had to remove the batter every time this has happened in order to reboot it.

I just don't get what the issue is. I'm probably missing phone calls because I'm not even aware that my phone is turning off. I feel like after the ICS update my phone has had issues. I already performed a factory reset last week since I was having a problem with the notifications not ringing and vibrating, and now, this is happening on top of that. 

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i777.

Oh, and another thing, I noticed that my batter is at 95-100% before it shuts off by itself, and once it boots up again it's down to 85-89%. I also feel like it might be an issue with overheating: I noticed that my phone feels hot after I've been using it for a while, like texting or using the internet, and then I set it down to do other stuff when I notice that it's turned off. My phone usually feels really hot too, and the case I have for my phone probably does not help either. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Hey all, 


As some of you have already noted, an update is available for the Samsung Galaxy SII. 


The update includes fixes for devices that may become unresponsive and/or power down while sitting idle on rare occasions. It also enhances security to protect against malware vulnerability. You will receive a notification on your phone to update. 


NOTE - You must have updated to Android version 4.0 to receive notification of the new software update


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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Filed a complaint with BBB last week. Received an email today from Office of the President saying someone will contact me to resolve this issue or I can call them directly. I was given a case number and phone number.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I installed Cyanogenmod 9.1 and everything works and no more SOD!  

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Received a call from AT&T today. After some discussion I was offered an S3 for $199 with no upgrade fee and do not have to renew my contract. He was not aware of this issue and I wouldn't expect a fix for this problem. Everyone I have talked to at AT&T say they are not aware of the problem with the phone.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

@nucci dont take that deal! Keep calling back and get the GS3 for free. Others before you made it happen.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I second that emotion.  Do NOT take that deal.

You can get a refurbished (all the ones they are offering are) S3 and no contract or other charges.  Just FYI... they have so many refurbished S3 that they are even having a "sale" on them... sigh  Smiley Sad   Do not expect the SOD to go away with ATT... it is NOT a Samsung problem per se, it's something ATT does to the phone. 

Get to the Specialty Department which is what ATT calls Customer Retention.  Threaten them with T-Mobile... they hate that  Smiley Happy   They have a LOT more sway.

ATT in the rear view mirror...

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Hmmm no not all is refurbishedd.. only if you settle for a refurbished will it be refurbished.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

The SOD is not limited to AT&T. Do a google search and you will find it occuring on nearly all carriers in different countries. It started with the first Gingerbread to ICS upgrade and was made much worse by the 4.04 update. Apparently some Galaxy S2 phones didn't have an issue until the 4.04 update, but I have been fighting it since upgrading to ICS last year. My phone is pretty old, as I got it right after it came out on AT&T. I contacted AT&T tech support about it last September after finding several forum threads about the issue. They, of course, had never heard of the problem and suggested reloading the upgrade from Kies or turning it in under warranty, as I had a couple of weeks left. I reloaded the upgrade, and the issue went from occurring every day to every few weeks...long enough for the warranty to run out. After the 4.04 update, it went back to averaging every day. Sometimes it would go a week without issue then it might occur several times in one day. I had some hope when one of the board moderators said that Samsung and AT&T were aware of the issue and were working on a solution. That was some months ago, and yesterday I got fed up, rooted my phone, and installed Shostock3. It seems to be running fine now on Android 4.1.2. The process is much less painful than dealing with clueless AT&T tech support.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Thanks. I'm not taking it. Thinking of my options and may call back or just wait for Nexus 5.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Yes... I second that... about when this problem started. I had the SOD during the GB days. Upgraded to ICS - still had it. The only time it seems I didn't have it was while I was at 4.0.3. All other times, before and after, I was battling it with factory resets and new phones.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I filed a complaint with the BBB and after 23 days of back and forth between myself, AT&T, and Samsung...absolutely nothing was resolved. I spoke with a representative (Stephanie) from AT&T several times, who focused entirely on shifting the blame off of AT&T. The first time I spoke with her she told me this was a known issue and that it is a "Manufacturer's defect" and that Samsung will replace the faulty device. I proceeded to contact Samsung, only to find out that it is not a "known issue" and that the only thing they could offer me was to set up a repair session, where I send my phone to them, and then pay the bill for the repairs when the send the phone back. Obviously unacceptable.


So, I tried contacting Stephanie again, but she did not respond until I had filed a follow up report with the BBB. The next time I talked to her she stressed that it was Google who was at fault because they provide the software. After telling her that this was an issue that seemed to hit the AT&T S2 particularly hard (I have seen some post from other carriers, but nowhere near the 17 pages on the AT&T forums) and that because I am an AT&T customer (not a Google customer), she informed me that it was my "choice" to update to 4.0.4, and that made ME liable for the damage. While I understand this for apps I choose to download, or if I were rooting, it is completely ridiculous to claim that I am liable for an OTA ICS update. Additionally, if you try to ignore the update, it automatically installs itself the third time (assuming you allowed it to download). After explaining that to her, she offered me a replacement phone based on availability and that she would call me back.


When she called back, she informed me she had no replacement phones and that her final offer would be to contact Samsung on my behalf. She did so and then called me back to explain to me that I had already talked to Samsung (which I had already told her!) and that my only option would be to send it for the repair. I tried one last time to convince her that responsibility MUST lie with AT&T since I pay them every month for phone service, but she told me AT&T takes no responsbility and that she would not be providing me with any more customer service. I asked to be released from my contract then, and she informed me that that was not an option.


All I wanted was an AT&T approved method for 4.0.3 rollback, a timetable for when an update would be available to fix this problem on 4.0.4, or a replacement phone which did not experience SODs. 


Where did this 4.0.4 update come from? As far as I can tell it must have appeared spontaneously since nobody seems to feel any responsibility for it and clearly nobody tested it. I am not excited to root my phone but I am quickly running out of option since I still have 9 months on my contract :/

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode


Unfortunately you were right. SOD came back. It is not that bad -once a week, but still anoying. What metod did you use to root your phone and where did you found 4.0.3 ?

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Npl, I also filed a BBB complaint and had the same response as you did. The AT&T representative offerred no solution to me, not even waiving my upgrade fee, and blamed all the faults to Google and Samsung. I also asked him to fix this simply by providing a roll back, which is of course not possible.


The representative said AT&T doesn't modify the OS, they only give specs to Google/Samsung, so it's not their fault. I'm not familiar with how they usually do it, but I think Google and Samsung has nothing to do with this. Since Google only released the original Android 4.0.4 which doesn't have SoD, and Samsung released 4.0.4 update for S II international version which doesn't have SoD neither. Anyone can chime in this part, or point out if I'm wrong?


Since I have no luck through BBB, any suggestion with how I can get this fixed by AT&T? I know I can fix this by rooting, but I don't want to spend time on researching yet, and AT&T sould be responsible for this. We should unite and do something to make this happen!

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

AlienBoy wrote:


 We should unite and do something to make this happen!

I agree.


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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

When on the phone with these representatives ask to speak with their managers if they don't offer a solution, this worked for me/ my mother, she ended up getting a refurbished s3 at no charge and no upgrade fee. just keep pushing back. if whoever doesn't offer a solution demand to talk with their supervisor/ manager. a lot of base level reps don't have the power to make ANY calls so move your way up the chain of command.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

"" has everything you need to revert back to 4.03 and root if you like. You need not root to go back to 4.03 but there are benefits if you do.


I recommend everyone post their complaint with the BBB. Only takes a few minutes. I also filed a complaint with the Illinois attorney general who also has an online form.


Best thing you can do other than the above is let as many people as you can know of your "experiences" with AT&T's wonderful customer service regarding the Galaxy phones. I have changed the signature on the emails sent from my phone to add a negative message about AT&T customer non-care. Word of mouth is a powerful thing so don't hesitate to talk people out of AT&T. They truly have offered the most negative, horrific user experience I have ever had with had for $80 a month. An all out, grass roots campaign against AT&T is the best advertising you can give them.


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