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Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode


Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Recently, I noticed that my phone shuts off while in sleep mode. This just happens when I don't check it for a while and the display is turned off. When I do go to check my phone, it's unresponsive, even if I hold down the power button. So far, I've had to remove the batter every time this has happened in order to reboot it.

I just don't get what the issue is. I'm probably missing phone calls because I'm not even aware that my phone is turning off. I feel like after the ICS update my phone has had issues. I already performed a factory reset last week since I was having a problem with the notifications not ringing and vibrating, and now, this is happening on top of that. 

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i777.

Oh, and another thing, I noticed that my batter is at 95-100% before it shuts off by itself, and once it boots up again it's down to 85-89%. I also feel like it might be an issue with overheating: I noticed that my phone feels hot after I've been using it for a while, like texting or using the internet, and then I set it down to do other stuff when I notice that it's turned off. My phone usually feels really hot too, and the case I have for my phone probably does not help either. 

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Flashing Back Fix


OK... I've found evidence of this for T-Mobile and now we've heard from Boost.  It is obviously one of the reasons Samsung didn't fight too hard when crApple wanted the S2 pulled off the market. 

BUT, ATT is NOT off the hook... my phone is "ATT Branded" and they owe me a fix.  If they want to point fingers at Samsung... first, they have to take their name off the phone. I can only hold my breath for so long.  If ATT doesn't have what it takes to get Samsung to fix it... well, all of us don't stand a chance.


As a side note, I've also seen sites with the Jelly Bean ROMS etc. that are "supposed" to work with the S2.  I got the feeling JB was "not ready for prime time" on the ATT version of the S2.  You seem to know your stuff... any insight into that?


Bottom line...

I've had my phone SOD during a conference call with the UK that made me look pretty dumb. ATT does NOT want to know how many millions it will cost them if it SOD's when I'm calling 911 in an emergency.  Apparently, ATT does NOT care about that... yet. 


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Re: Flashing Back Fix

One last thing...as I mentioned in one of previous posts, I highly recommend that you do a factory reset BEFORE doing the flash operation to prevent any lingering files from causing problems.

Good Luck!


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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Registered to add my voice to the chorus. Have had the problems described since the update in December. Really frustrated that I'm paying so much money for a service I can't rely on and hasn't provided a fix in two months. I've missed many important calls, texts, and alarms because my phone shuts off without me realizing it. I've also wasted hours researching this online because AT&T has been no help. We shouldn't be charged full price these last few months while we haven't been getting what we paid for. If AT&T doesn't want to lose more customers over this they should give us refunds and get our phones working again.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

With all due respect ablan, we get that your phone is working fine with 4.0.3 and rooting it. But I don't think that's what this forum is for. Perhaps on an XDA forum yes. This forum is how to get it working for the "average" user, who doesn't want to do anything outside of the standard procedures.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Just wanted to add my voice to the growing chorus.  Black, unresponsive screen of death (SOD) on the Galaxy S2 since the December upgrade to the new OS.  It is absolutely ridiculous that Samsung/ATT won't support a rollback to the earlier OS, if customers desire this. What do they have to lose? It seems this would fix all of our problems.  It's great that people are able to root their phone, rollback the OS and everything works fine and dandy for them.  I just don't have the time or the know-how to do this.   I can't wait until my contract is up. Goodbye ATT.



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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

mhilb ,

I have received you PM and I have notified a manager to contact you. 



Ray on behald of Jam

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Can I have a manager contact me as well?
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Trying every solution that is suggested here and have found one that was mention earlier that is working for me so far going on 3 days with no issue. I disabled the ATT Smart Wifi and it is working. I'm  fixing to trying the same with my wifes phone and see if it works for hers too. If you turn your phone off you have to remember to disable it again. 

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Shutting off Smart WiFi

Just wanted to "correct" that last comment.

You can Disable it by going into:



All Applications

Tap it

Choose Disable


It will stay off even after you restart your phone.  And, my SOD's have decreased since disabling it.  Though, it still seems to help more to turn off the Power Management features.  Still testing, but have a week now without an SOD since disabling that long list of apps.  I think I listed them in message 237 or near that.

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It happened again

So I'm sitting here at work this morning and went to check my phone after not using it for the last few hours...and it was frozen again. I pulled the battery and restarted the phone. Now the battery is down to 21% remaining, when it was fully charged overnight. Yesterday I had no SOD and the phone lasted all day and had more than this left when I went to sleep.



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Re: It happened again

I'm seriously thinking of going Google Nexus 7 with no contract next time.  There is a thread with 169 posts on the Galaxy S3 not recieving phone calls.  Seems to be a lot of AT&T/Samsung issues going on & reading the thread, they are not having any luck getting those fixed either.  No one wants to go through the painful process of rooting & rolling back or using a different ROM versioin.  For me it was the only way since I was out of warranty & not eligible for an upgrade.  I'm sure if I screamed loud enough I could get an upgrade, but then I'm stuck in a two year contract again, even if they gave me a new phone.  Not sure I want that after the way this problem has been treated.  Oh yeah, I have been a customer for close to 20 years, back when it was Cingular.  

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

My mom's phone is also having this same issue.

We as customers have PAID you AT&T to have reliable phones that won't fail us. GOD FORBID someone in my family has an ermergeny and can't contact my mother or she can't contact one of us because her phone wouldn't work.

She is using her phone under your contract and I would hold YOU responsible.


She was told there would be an update in a couple of weeks (She was told this almost 3 weeks ago). I think you either owe her an update or a different phone.

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I rooted on the 14th, and installed jelly bean on the 16th. No SODs, no problems and the phone runs great. I am currently at 23 hours 10 minutes since last charge and have 55% battery.

This is the first phone I have rooted obviously out of pure need since my service provider won't take care of its customers, and it seems only because they do not want to admit they made a mistake. It sucks that companies are just like people are becoming....so scared to admit that they made a mistake so they run around chasing their tails trying to blame someone else. People make mistakes, it's ok. But the responsible thing is to own up and correct the error (which would be extremely simple to have an"update" that just installs the last working update that worked for the phone THAT ALREADY EXISTS).

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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

I just got my replacement gs2, and guess what? SOD, as expected. I can't afford to miss any more calls from work. AT&T, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!!! Release the JB update or domething. This problem has already cost me too much money. I will be calling, and expect a different fix than another gs2 that will keep doing the same thing.
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Re: Galaxy S2 shutting off in idle mode

Add me to the list of customers with the Sleep of Death problem.  Same symptoms as described throughout this thread.  Seems particularly bad when network connectivity is intermitent or switching between wifi/3G.  Only appeared after 4.0.4. upgrade.  Need a fix - phone turning off has resulted in missing a number of important work phone calls and this can't continue.

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