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Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"


Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

I do "Settings", "Applications", "Battery Usage".  Something called "logcat" is at the top, using most of my battery power.  Is that something all GS2s have, or something I downloaded?

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

Logcat is the command to view the internal log of the Android system. Viewing logcat is often the best way - and sometimes the only way - to diagnose a problem.

Logcat is disabled on the phone  by official ROMs by default. Did you root and custom ROM?

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

I don't know how to root or install custom ROMs.  I had a full charge at 5:15 PM yesterday (7 hours ago), and now my battery is at 39%, and I have not used it very much at all.  The battery usage of logcat is 56%.  I never noticed logcat until yesterday, after I installed Dr. Web Anit-Virus Light.  I uninstalled AVG Anti-virus after installing Dr. Web (I did this because AVG was starting to use a lot of battery).  After installing Dr. Web, I noticed my battery was being used faster than normal.  I then noticed logcat using a lot of battery.  So, I uninstalled Dr. Web, and installed AVG again.  Logcat is still on my phone, and it is eating away at my battery.  I see no way of uninstalling or stopping it.  My phone's response time seems to be slower now also.


Does anyone know what I can do to uninstall logcat, or get it to stop running?

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

i've never seen logcat in any stock android gs2.  if u go to att store and look at their display model, u wouldn't see it either.  so someone must have tampered with ur phone.

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

Sounds like one of the AV app you installed messed up your logcat settings (turned it on). So, not only you wasted your time installed those completely useless/snake oil AV apps (yes, they are completely useless), you also get screwed by messing up your phone settings you can't revert unless you do a factory reset.

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

Logcat support is enabled in nearly any Android phone, even when stock.  It's a critical debugging feature for app developers.


HOWEVER:  I have never, ever seen it use battery before.  All logcat is, is a buffer in RAM into which debug resources are logged.  For it to appear in battery stats, something must be actively running the "logcat" command in order to dump the buffers.


To stop logcat from running, stop whatever app is calling the logcat command to dump the logs.  Most likely it's that snake oil you installed.  Remove BOTH AVG and Dr. Web.  Antivirus programs for Android are snake oil:

1)  None of them did a thing to stop the early 2011 rash of Android malware (Droid Dream)

2)  In Gingerbread 2.3.3 and above (maybe even 2.3.2?) all of the exploits that were used by malware were patched, so privelege escalation to root via exploits is no longer possible.  (That's why it is no longer possible to "root" a phone without flashing a custom kernel or pre-rooted system image.)

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Re: Galaxy S2: Battery Usage by "logcat"

Thanks for the advice.  I removed the Dr Web and AVG anti-virus apps.  I had already removed Dr Web and reinstalled AVG.  I found that if I had AVG installed, then installed Dr Web, turned on Dr Web, turned off Dr Web, uninstalled Dr Web, logcat would be removed from my battery usage chart.  But after a few seconds, logcat would reappear, and start consuming battery again.  I installed Dr Web and AVG several times, and had to have both installed to get logcat removed.  I noticed that when I installed Dr Web, "logcat" would get changed to "Dr Web" in my battery usage chart.  So I was convinced the problem came from Dr Web.


I opened an on-line chat with a support technician at AT&T.  He said it was a known problem with having both AVG and Dr. Web installed.  But there was really no other solution than to do a factory reset.  He said anything else he told me to do would void the warranty.  So, I plugged my phone into my PC and copied ringtones and pictures, wrote down the apps I had installed, removed the MicroSD card, and did a factory reset.  That fixed my problem.  Logcat is no longer eating my battery.  No more anti-virus apps for me.

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