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Galaxy S II vs Infuse


Galaxy S II vs Infuse

Well it's here and for me, the upgrade price is $199 compared to $99 for the Infuse.  Considering my budget, a 100 bucks is a lot of money but at the same time, I have a personality glitch that makes me always want the latest and greatest and it gets me in trouble.  I've been to YouTube and I've watched all the reviews and comparisons but I still can't decide, HELP ME! Smiley Indifferent


I don't really use my cell for web stuff much and I'm on AT&T's minimum data plan, but with one of these models I'm sure that will change.


Anyway, if someone can help me out, I would appreciate it.  If there's a difference in call quality between the two (reception, sound, speaker-phone function) then this might be a decision maker, but they're probably about the same in that department.



Thanks everyone!




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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse

I'm curious Topo cause Infuse is a 1750 and the sgs2 is 1650.

But Infuse is a bigger screen. So who knows.

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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse

But then hopefully the gingerbread platform has a little better battery saving techniques compared to froyo.
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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse

BMan17 wrote:
But then hopefully the gingerbread platform has a little better battery saving techniques compared to froyo.

That is one of the advertised features of Gingerbread, and I can tell you that on average, a debloated Rogers Gingerbread-based ROM for the Infuse performed better than a debloated AT&T Froyo-based ROM, with the exception of the infamous "Gingerbread random battery drain" bug.  (Sometimes GB goes crazy and starts draining battery until you reboot.)


However, a GS2 with only mild debloating and minor power management tweaks (cpuidle fix in kernel but no undervolting) outperforms an Infuse with heavy power management tweaks (Serendipity VII ROM, kernel that supports undervolting.) in terms of battery life so far - but I only have a small dataset for the GS2.

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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse

oofie wrote:

For those that picked up the S2, is battery life better on it than on the infuse?

So far on my rooted GS2, battery life is quite a bit better than it was on my rooted Infused 2.2.3 Infuse by a good 15-20% it would seem.  It's not a comparable comparison because one is basically stock and the other is modified a good bit but I will say that my Infuse battery life when it was stock was even worse so... yeah, the GS2 is better so far even though the battery itself is smaller.

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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse



How long have you had your Infuse before you swtiched?


I'm still in the mode of waiting to get the SGS2 cause I have the Infuse.

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Re: Galaxy S II vs Infuse

Cell phones are like computers, be prepared to shell out plenty of dough every 3-6 months if your chasing the latest and greatest. Most people only tap a fraction of their phones capabilities just like computers. JMO
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