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Galaxy S II - Indicator Light


Galaxy S II - Indicator Light



I just received my new Galaxy S II in the mail yesterday.  The very first thing I said after putting it on charge for the first time was, "oh crappy - the phone is defective....the indicator light is has burned out."  You know...the little amber light that is on when you plug your phone to charge...and will turn green or maybe blue when the charge is complete?


I asked my friend to check his Sprint SGS2 and he said, "Yeah man - the indicator light is in the upper right corner - it is amber when charging and blue when finished."  


So, does this phone not have this simple, common feature or do I need to replace my phone?

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Re: Galaxy S II - Indicator Light

You have the lightning bolt on the battery to show a charge, and a full battery notification indicator in your notification area when complete. As far as I know that is it
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Re: Galaxy S II - Indicator Light

There is no indicator light.  (The other poster is talking about on-screen notifications.)


Relatively common Samsung quirk.

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Re: Galaxy S II - Indicator Light

Ahh, bummer.  Well, still a good phone nonetheless.  

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Re: Galaxy S II - Indicator Light

Many if not all Sprint phones have those little notification lights. I'm not sure if they light up when the phone is charging, but AT&T Samsung phones (as well as all the rest) do not have that feature.

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