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Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean update


Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean update

I think the Galaxy Note 1 community has been extremely patient in waiting for the Jelly Bean update, but it seems that AT&T is updating all the other Android phones before this one.  I bought this phone because it had what I wanted, but I also expect updates to be timely.  It has been anything but timely.  When can we expect to see the update?

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Re: Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean update

I know what you mean. I was using the Skyrocket, and it too ALLEGEDLY is getting the 4.1 update, but it never of yet. I tried waiting patiently, but I couldn't do it. Now I have a Note, and AGAIN I'm playing the waiting game. What gives AT&T??? GIVE US JELLY BEAN ON OUR GALAXY NOTE!!!

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